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May 21, 2022 | 6:41 pm EDT Update

No bad blood between Gary Payton II-Dillon Brooks, according to Payton

Payton II: Also, for the record: There’s no bad blood between me and Dillon Brooks. After we closed out Game 6, I got word that he wanted to talk outside the locker room, and when I got there he apologized. I give Dillon a lot of credit for that — no text, no social media, nothing indirect. He came in person, and we talked like grown men. He told me he didn’t mean to hurt me. I believe him.
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Payton II: So, no, I’m not mad. I feel like maybe the whole world thought I was mad, though. Because once that game ended, my phone started blowing up — everyone tapping in and checking on me, making sure I wasn’t too upset or too down or whatever. And of course everyone with the Warriors, they’re all such good people and had my back, no question. I had a lot of people pissed on my behalf. And I love them for that. But I was good.

NBA interest in EuroLeague champion Vasilije Micic

Marc Stein: Oklahoma City acquired the rights to Micic in the same December 2020 deal in which it landed Al Horford from Philadelphia. The Thunder indeed also acquired a future first-round pick (2025) in the same trade. I’m told there is already NBA interest in Vasilije Micic, 28, for next season.
May 21, 2022 | 4:40 pm EDT Update