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Derek Bodner: #sixers afternoon injury report has the following players listed as questionable: - Ben Simmons (illness) - Dwight Howard (left knee soreness) - George Hill (right thumb) - Tobias Harris (right knee soreness) - Seth Curry (left hip flexor tightness Also: - Steph Curry (ankle)
Anthony Slater: Steph Curry is getting treatment on his left ankle right now. Kerr: "My sense is it was a tweak that was painful, but he's going to be alright."
Connor Letourneau: The Warriors are planning to play Steph Curry in Atlanta on Sunday. Team just felt he needed a couple of days to rest the bruised tailbone.
Nick Friedell: What changes most for Steph because of tailbone injury? "Just dealing with pain, that's it." He knows it's going to be an issue for a while and is just hopeful the pain doesn't impact some of the decisions he makes on the floor -- like standing in and taking that charge tonight.
Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry practiced fully on Sunday and will be listed as questionable for Monday's game against the Chicago Bulls after missing the past week and a half because of a tailbone bruise. "We scrimmaged some just now, and he's getting some extra work in, so we want to see how he responds to that," coach Steve Kerr said after Sunday's practice. "And then it's a discussion with (Warriors director of sports medicine and performance) Rick (Celebrini) and the training staff. We'll see where it all goes."
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry will miss at least three more games, after an MRI showed inflammation on his tailbone, head coach Steve Kerr said Tuesday. "This is going to be a little bit longer than we thought and hoped," Kerr said, adding Curry will be reevaluated in a week.
Kerith Burke: "Very doubtful" Steph plays tomorrow, per Kerr, saying it might even be irresponsible to play him in a back to back as he deals with the tailbone injury. Medical staff will make final decision.
Anthony Slater: Steph Curry is doubtful for tomorrow's game against the Grizzlies in Memphis, per Steve Kerr. Kelly Oubre is also doubtful. Was kicked in the foot yesterday.
Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry suffered a tailbone contusion at the end of the third quarter of Wednesday night's 108-94 win against the Rockets in Houston and did not return. The injury occurred on the final play of the third quarter, after Curry missed an off-balance 3-pointer. His momentum took him off the floor and pushed him toward the risers by the Rockets' bench. He appeared to trip on the first level of risers and was unable to break his fall.
"He says he's going to be fine long term," Kerr said. "It's going to bother him, though, for definitely the next few days. No idea if he'll play in Memphis [on Friday], but he seems to be feeling like he'll be OK over the next week or so, but we'll see ... and please don't take that to mean that I'm saying he's going to be out for a week. He could be practicing [Thursday] for all I know, but we'll give you an update as soon as we have one."
Nick Friedell: Steph trying to knock down any conversation about his workload/tweaking his ankle early in Monday's game. He smiles before question even finishes. "I feel great. I feel great."
Kerith Burke: Today's injury report Steph Curry: questionable (L ankle soreness) Jordan Poole: questionable (L ankle sprain)
“When Steph was injured last year with his hand, we did something different,” Fraser said of the new approach. “The performance staff came up with a scientific way to get him in really good shape, using interval training. Then we applied the basketball drills.” Based on early returns, it was an experiment gone right. “Steph felt like he was in such good shape and so sharp after that method that we decided to do it this summer,” Fraser said. “And then, Brandon Payne was thrown into the mix to add his touch. So, I would say those three parties constitute the macro scale. We’re all focused on using interval training plus what he’s done in the past.”
“He’s a young 32,” Payne said with a chuckle. “He’s jumping really well, moving really well. He’s perpetually in great shape from a cardiovascular standpoint. He’s not showing any signs at all of any sort of aging. He’s moving well, he’s getting stronger. He’s as bouncy and energetic in workouts as he’s ever been.”
It remains to be seen if the second bubble will actually take place, but even if it does, it sure seems like you won't be seeing Steph Curry play in it. ESPN's Jackie MacMullan reported he wouldn't have played in Orlando had the Warriors qualified, and it begs the question as to why Chicago would be any different. "I was told unequivocally by people at Golden State," MacMullan said Thursday on the "Hoop Collective" podcast, "if Golden State came back (to play in Orlando) they weren't gonna let Steph Curry step foot on the floor." "The reason they were worried about Steph Curry," MacMullan added, "was because they didn't feel that he had played enough to come back."
Wes Goldberg: Steve Kerr on Steph Curry's status: "We expect him to play Thursday. He wanted to play tonight, but we wouldn’t let him just given he hadn’t done anything the last three days. This is a good day for him to get a good workout and get some rest."
Stephen Curry: About time!!! 😂
Anthony Slater: Sounds like a firm decision on Steph Curry’s status for Sunday should come tomorrow. Warriors practice at home before traveling to Phoenix. Kerr says he’ll have a meeting with Curry, Myers and Celebrini.
Nick Friedell: Kerr says he will sit down with Warriors training staff, Steph Curry and GM Bob Myers after practice tomorrow and make a game plan for Curry’s return. Warriors still hopeful Curry will return Sunday — but organization hasn’t made a final decision.
Is there concern it’ll never fully recover? “I’m getting used to what the new normal is,” Curry said. “It definitely feels different than the right (hand). But you try to get to the point when you’re playing basketball, you don’t think about it — whether it feels all the way same or not, it doesn’t really matter, as long as I’m not worried about the things I’m trying to do, the strength part of it and how it bounces back the next day after pushing it in contact stuff. “But to answer your question, it is going to feel different. Anybody who has had surgery knows it takes a long time to get back to true normal. Functionally speaking, where I’m not out there on the court thinking about it, that’s where I’m trying to get it to.”
Wes Goldberg: Steph Curry acknowledges he needs to adjust to lingering nerve damage in his left hand: “It definitely feels different. ... I’m trying to get to, when I’m out there in the court, I’m not thinking about it.”
Anthony Slater: Steph Curry on his return target: “It’s always been March 1st.” It’s a home game against the Wizards. Remains the target.
As for Curry? The Warriors plan to reevaluate him in early March after fracturing his left wrist only four games into the season. Since then, Curry has spent the last three months healing. He has spent the past month completing various shooting workouts. “Steph is coming back. That’s not even a discussion internally,” Lacob said. “He’s ready to play so he should play. By the way, we’ll try to win every game. I’m not really about, ‘Let’s lose every game so we can get the best pick.’ You try to do that, you’re messing with the basketball gods. So we don’t believe in that.”
Diamond Leung: Giannis on Steph Curry: "Let me be honest with you. The players, we kind of enjoy that he's not playing — not enjoy that he's hurt. We want him to be healthy, but he just makes it way, way tougher for the rest of the league."
Anthony Slater: Steph Curry recovery update: Out another month, all 11 February games. Another re-evaluation in four weeks. Making steady progress. Team is "hopeful" for a March return. Curry clearly targeting the start of the month. He's been going through increased intensity shooting routines.
Jay King: Steve Kerr said Steph Curry will “almost for sure” play again this season. Said he and Klay Thompson will play when they’re ready and the Warriors will try to win every game that they can.
The question is not if Stephen Curry is coming back this season, but when. And, from what I’ve been told, you might want to clear your schedule for March 1. The Warriors host the Washington Wizards that night. That’s not set in stone, of course. More like a target date. But expect a return by the face of the franchise before next season.
Curry already looks ready to play in his post-practice sessions. Judging by his shooting, his broken left hand looks healed. He is no longer wearing the brace. But he hasn’t played since Oct. 30. Saturday was his 40th game missed since the injury. By the All-Star break, Curry will have missed 51 games — the most he’s missed in a season since he missed 40 games in the lockout-shortened 2011-12 season when he severely sprained his right ankle.
Curry may not have lost his shooting touch since missing the past 35 games while rehabbing his surgically repaired fractured left hand. Still, that does not mean his return is pending. “There is a long way to go for him to heal and be ready to play in a game,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “He just started really getting onto the court shooting and moving around. He has a ways to go, but it’s good to see him out there."
As for Curry doing so after missing the past 35 games? That is a different story. “It’s like riding a bike. He’s going to be able to shoot when he’s 85,” Kerr said. “Nothing really surprises me with Steph. The guy is so skilled that to be honest, even not picking up a ball for two months, I expect him to make every shot.”
What has Steph been doing on his off time? I talked to Steph briefly at a game recently and he told me he’s bored, ha. While he’s out of his basketball routine, he’s had more time for family, charity events, and business interests. He said he’s been trying to read more books. He finished Andre Iguodala’s book “Sixth Man.” He’s also been in touch with Davidson about what he’d need to do to finish his degree.
Warriors coach Steve Kerr sat down with Yahoo's Chris Haynes just before Christmas and was asked about Curry's status. "His injury is not nearly as serious as Klay's because we're dealing with a hand and not a knee," Kerr said on the "Posted Up" podcast. "We'll re-evaluate Steph sometime in February, but I think there's an excellent chance he comes back sometime in March -- late in the season. "Our fans deserve to see him play, he's dying to play, our young players want to play with him. So if we can get him back at the end of the season, it would be great."
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