Undoubtedly, Taurasi is the closest match for Doncic th…

Undoubtedly, Taurasi is the closest match for Doncic the WNBA has seen, with Candace Parker recording the two other seasons exceeding a similarity score of 90. (It’s also evident from the years involved that the WNBA hasn’t made the same kind of move toward heliocentrism.) Still, the Taurasi comparison doesn’t seem quite as apt statistically as the one to James for a couple of reasons. First, while Taurasi is tall for a WNBA point guard at 6-foot, she’s still shorter than the average player in the league. At 6-foot-7, 230, Doncic is bigger than the average NBA player. Doncic is also more of a triple-double threat than Taurasi, who has only one season (2009) rebounding at better than a league-average rate. Conversely, Taurasi’s career-high 55% 2-point shooting in 2013 was relatively more impressive than Doncic’s 57% mark this season because the league average mark was so much lower in the WNBA at the time.
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