It is well-documented that football was Edwards’ firs…

It is well-documented that football was Edwards’ first love, so much so that it was misconstrued before the draft to mean that he didn’t love basketball as much as a No. 1 overall pick should. That has been disproven all season long by the joy with which Edwards plays, but his eyes still lit up on Saturday night when the subject came up. “I (would) probably be like a Kam Chancellor, but I wouldn’t be that much hard of a hitter though,” Edwards said, referring to the safety who was a member of the Seattle Seahawks’ famed “Legion of Boom” secondary. “I wouldn’t be too much of the boom part.”
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June 17, 2021 | 4:13 pm EDT Update
With Chris Paul in the COVID-19 protocol and his playing status uncertain, the Suns may rely on Cameron Payne even more. Judging from the past several months, Payne will be ready. “I’ve found my niche on a great team,” Payne said. “I just want to keep pushing that forward. You’ve got to be humble and stay hungry. Because you can be out of this league in a heartbeat and I don’t want that to happen again.”
Payne said he’s leaned on the support from his family during the tough times and they’re a constant presence in the stands at Phoenix Suns Arena. They’re enjoying the guard’s resurgence and playoff run just as much as Payne. “When you’re in a marriage that works, it’s just awesome,” Payne’s dad Tony said. “Phoenix is good for him, and he’s good for Phoenix. The style of play really fits, they allow him to be up tempo, he sees the floor real well. Phoenix plays a wide open style and allows him to shoot the 3.”
June 17, 2021 | 4:00 pm EDT Update
How does it feel to be recognized as a finalist for an award named after someone like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? Juan Toscano-Anderson It’s really cool to be acknowledged for the good deeds that we try to do. And when I say ‘we,’ I’m speaking of all the guys who had the opportunity to be nominated and the finalists as well. The acknowledgment is cool. I’m sure none of those guys do it for the acknowledgment. It is very gratifying to be in that conversation for an award by a Hall of Famer, a guy who is greatness in Kareem.