Jim Owczarski: Bobby Portis (stomach illness) obv. did …

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Malika Andrews: Bobby Portis will also play tonight against the Kings, he said. He will come off the bench.
Malika Andrews: Bobby Portis and Kris Dunn will not play for the Bulls tonight against the Celtics. Boylen said he expects them back “soon, any day.”
KC Johnson: Bobby Portis said he went through whole practice and feels fine. Also, no target date yet for return.
Hoiberg said that Bobby Portis and Kris Dunn felt "okay" after participating in the non-contact portions of yesterday's practice. "They are still a ways away," Hoiberg said. "We are not going to get too far ahead of ourselves with those guys, being injuries to their knees." Hoiberg said they'll both participate in workouts today that are "a lot more strenuous than the non contact stuff yesterday."
KC Johnson: Hoiberg on Portis injury: "Bobby has been so durable early in his career. Just to see his reaction, you knew it was something serious when he went flying in the crowd. We’re thankful it wasn’t a more severe injury."
Bulls power forward Bobby Portis revealed Saturday that he has been playing through a foot injury for the past two months after an incident with a heat pack. Portis said the injury occurred before a March 4 game against the Los Angeles Clippers. "The heat pack burned me before the game," Portis said. "I was actually on the [trainer's] table. I couldn't feel it. I had my headphones in, but I didn't feel [the pack] burn through. ... Ever since then, it's been hurting."
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