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March 31, 2023 | 6:02 pm EDT Update

Steve Kerr: We desperately want to keep Donte DiVincenzo

Steve Kerr has made his respect for Donte DiVincenzo loud and clear since he first joined the team last offseason. The coach also understands the likely reality of DiVincenzo’s future. “He almost went to Detroit, I think, and then he decided to sign here,” Kerr said. “And the whole idea was to rebuild his own place in the league. He had a great start in Milwaukee and then the injuries the last couple of years set him back. This has been a wildly successful year for Donte, re-establishing his place in the league, re-establishing his value. Obviously we hope we can keep him. We desperately want to keep him. I always want our players to be in the best position possible going forward. I’m very happy for Donte that he’s put himself in a good spot.”
“Donte has been fantastic,” Kerr said Thursday to reporters after Warriors practice. “He started out the season playing 20 minutes a night. And then with the injuries, he’s started to play more. And then the absence of [Andrew Wiggins] — putting him in the starting lineup, putting him on the best offensive player at the beginning of games — he just shows you how versatile he is. Donte I think is one of those guys who helps you in so many different ways that you can plug him into any lineup. To me, that is his true value.”

Rudy Tomjanovich on Hall of Fame induction: When I finally got it, the joy was just amazing

Rudy Tomjanovich: [For] the Hall of Fame, honor is something that is so big. It’s almost hard to get your head wrapped around it. I was nominated several years and went through the process and [it was] very tough waiting for that call. I got two of them that were like. “We’re sorry, you’re not in” and then on the third one they did. So I went through a couple years with a lot of people talking about why isn’t this happening or whatever. And it made me uncomfortable because with honors like that, I don’t expect anything. You don’t campaign for them and all that, but every year around that time, I had to hear all the things, and I had no answers. When I finally got it, the relief, the joy was just amazing. To go through that process, it was absolutely fantastic. Being there, we did it in Connecticut, and not in Springfield, but it was still fantastic. Absolutely life inspiring.
Rudy Tomjanovich: I’m an analytics guy. In fact, what I did for the Lakers the last 14 years that I was in the league, my son and I created a database [that] we came out with the analytics and things like that, that were a lot of fun. Do I think analytics is the only way to do it? Absolutely not. But I like to have all these different factors to consider, not only what I can see, but I also go on my emotions too. But you gotta watch emotions too because you could make a mistake. Analytics are an important part of basketball and a lot of guys don’t like them but I want all the information I can get.
Rudy Tomjanovich: You’re not gonna win big with young players. It’s just ain’t gonna happen. They haven’t grown up enough, and they haven’t been through all the situations you have to go through like how to hold leads, how to take care of clock situations… all those things. So you have to have those veterans that are coaches on the floor, too. And, it can’t just be the coach saying it, the players sorta hearing it, it’s got to be a way of life. And you get that when other players have had success, and they say, “Hey, this is how we do it here. This is Rockets basketball. This is how we play that pick-and-roll.” It helps the young guys. But it also reinforces the system that the coaches are trying to put in.
March 31, 2023 | 5:41 pm EDT Update