There’s a former Knick who still plays in the league.…

There’s a former Knick who still plays in the league. He talks to different players on different teams regularly. And the general feeling that he’s gotten from players outside of New York is this: It looks like they’re having fun. “They see (William Wesley) on the sidelines, they see Julius and the other young guys and see chemistry,” that player says. We should note that the opinions above are from a small sample of players. And some members of opposing teams have privately scoffed at Wesley celebrating with players and coaches as he sits courtside at games. But Randle and the players appreciate it. And that’s probably the only thing that matters; the opinions of players – more so than opposing coaches/front office members – will be key for the Knicks moving forward. “Most guys I speak with like what they’re doing over there,” the former Knick said.
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