“I don't know, but maybe because I'm not flashy,” H…

“I don’t know, but maybe because I’m not flashy,” Holiday said to Yahoo Sports. “I’m super low-key, and I don’t need much attention, I don’t want much attention. I don’t talk trash, and I’m not really that loud. Maybe it’s just more like a business transaction. I go out there and do my job. And then once my job is done, I go home and chill with my family. But I’m not popular, and I’m OK with that. I don’t want to be popular. If I’m not on TV a lot, and you don’t see me playing defense, you don’t see me doing what I do. The Lakers are on TV, Boston’s on TV, but when I was in New Orleans, we weren’t on TV as much as we wanted to be. So maybe that’s a part of the reason why I’m overlooked.
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Steve Kerr approached Leandro Barbosa about playing this season

Warriors assistant coach Leandro Barbosa said coach Steve Kerr approached him about playing this season and doesn’t know why the opportunity never materialized. Barbosa, who specializes on the Warriors staff in mentoring players, acknowledged that the idea of him returning as a player after three years away from the NBA “wasn’t a joke at all” when injuries decimated the team’s rotation while the Warriors were in the playoff hunt.