Can you imagine yourself playing in today's NBA? John S…

Can you imagine yourself playing in today’s NBA? John Starks: It’s great that you bring that question up. Yeah, I definitely could imagine myself doing very well in this league. Back then, the three-point line was more like a knockout punch so to speak. It really wasn’t that emphasized on the game like it is now. Because of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, especially for Steph, it has become more of a weapon within today’s game, because everybody’s shooting from point guards to centers. I know that I would have done very well in today’s game because coaches don’t frown on you for shooting the three on a one-on-five fast break. In my days, if I did something like that, with Pat Riley as my coach, he probably would have put me out of the game [laughs]. It’s great to see how the game has evolved.

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You returned to Summit arena in Houston. What did you learn from the experience of going there after all these years? John Starks: Whenever you go back to the scene of the crime, you just figure that ‘Hey, you have moved on past it.’ When I got there just kind of brought back a lot of memories of what happened within that arena. The beautiful thing about it is that it was transformed into a church by the great Joel Osteen, and to be able to have him and be a part of the documentary was incredible. Being a pastor, he always has a great take on experiences like that and things that you have to do in order to get past it. And so it was really cathartic for me to just kind of be in his presence and listen to him talk about it. It really helped me deal with that moment right then and there. It was nice to be able to get back in that arena and just kind of relive those moments.
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