Barry, 27, is the youngest son of Hall-of-Famer Rick Ba…

Barry, 27, is the youngest son of Hall-of-Famer Rick Barry, and half brother to Brent and Jon. Like Hummel, Barry has experience as an American pro, and is currently a member of the Iowa Wolves of the G League. He has the least 3-on-3 experience on Team USA, having not picked up the game until 2019, when he was invited to try out through his mother, Lynn, a standout college player and former USA Basketball executive. Canyon shoots free throws underhanded, like his famous father, and made all 21 foul shots he took during G League bubble play this year. “I honestly think I am a better 3-on-3 player than I am a 5-on-5 player,” Barry said. “I’m never going to say, ‘No, I don’t want to play in the NBA,’ but I think being able to kind of create something new, with this 3-on-3, and kind of be a pioneer in the U.S. and see it take off here and kind of be known for that would be super exciting.”

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Maddox, 31, is a 6-8, 220-pound Princeton graduate who led the Tigers in scoring (13.8 points per game) and rebounds (7.0) as a senior in 2010-11. He played professionally overseas, like all of his Team USA mates, and he was the MVP of the American national championship for 3-on-3 in 2018. Maddox has a second career in media. He’s hosted a show on Colorado Public Radio and worked as a podcast producer for Gimlet media until January 2020, when he quit to train for the Olympics. He says he wants to become the “Black Anthony Bourdain,” continuing to play in 3-on-3 tournaments and use the travel opportunities to make travel documentaries, and he’s developing a new podcast about the Olympics that was picked up by NBC. “I think what we have is the opportunity to cement our names in whatever the sport ultimately ends up becoming,” he said. “I hope it becomes something cool.”
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August 19, 2022 | 3:27 am EDT Update
“[LeBron James] recognizes that it could lead up all the way to the trade deadline before that type of deal could occur.” – Dave McMenamin on the Lakers improving their roster via potential Kyrie Irving, Buddy Hield/Myles Turner, or Utah trades.

Donovan Mitchell’s trade links to the New York Knicks are in full swing again after previous reports indicated that the Knicks have re-engaged negotiations with the Utah Jazz. The 25-year-old has added more fire to the flame after he was spotted in Rucker Park, one of the most iconic basketball spots in New York City, on Wednesday. Mitchell posted a photo of himself hanging out with some kids at the park. The Jazz star was clearly having quite the time (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter):

Mike James: I don't have a problem with Stephen Curry

In the recent URBONUS podcast episode, James said that he has no bad feelings about Steph, and many took his words out of context. “I think I said a lot of controversial things in general because I think outside the box. But for some reason, every time I mention Steph Curry, everybody gets mad, and everybody assumes I don’t like him,” James smiled. “But I think he’s amazing. To be honest, he changed basketball. Like seven years ago, everybody started shooting threes and playing small ball. Not only because of him. Like 75% of him, and then like the other 25% the Warriors. I don’t have a problem with him,” James told on the BasketNews show.
During his show on 620 Rip City Radio in Portland, host Chad Doing mentioned that he had heard that the announcers would not go on the road with the Blazers. His co-host, Dwight Jaynes, then confirmed the report. “I have confirmed from several sources that that is the plan for the Trail Blazers,” Jaynes said. “That they will not be sending radio or television on the road with their team. Also, what I’ve heard and I’ve tried to check this out, I have not found any other team in the league that’s doing this. I believe they may be the only team in the league doing it — when they’re on the road. And I just think that’s really unfortunate and difficult.”