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Andrew Greif: Luka Doncic was asked about how his neck pain felt in Game 4: "I don't think that matters right now. We lost by 20. And the injuries are part of basketball, but I was 100 percent. So -- but I played terrible. So just gotta move on to the next one."
Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic downplayed the impact of his cervical strain on a Game 4 outing he described as "terrible," but he acknowledged after Sunday's 106-81 loss to the visiting LA Clippers that it's a nerve issue. "The pain is like neck and then the nerve down," Doncic said. "I don't really know how to explain that. It felt way better today morning than yesterday. I'll just keep doing massages, ice it down and then be ready for Wednesday."
"He's in pain," Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said. "It appeared to me that he couldn't turn left, couldn't look to his left. He couldn't turn his neck to his left, and that's difficult for a guy that relies on peripheral vision and basically has played his whole life with his head on a swivel.
Tim MacMahon: Mavericks list Luka Doncic as questionable for Game 4 due to a cervical strain. He said after the Game 3 loss that the pain started in his neck and went down his left arm.
There were the images of Luka Doncic shaking out his right arm, clearly bothered by some kind of shoulder or neck issue. Then the cameras caught Dallas medical staff working on his shoulder area, and the Mavericks’ young star wearing a heat pack on the bench to keep it loose. None of it slowed Doncic, who put up a career playoff-high 44 points in Dallas’ Game 3 loss Friday night, but is this something that will linger and slow him in Game 4? Doncic says that first off this is a neck issue, one he first felt around halftime, and no, it will not slow him, via Callie Caplan at the Dallas Morning News. “It’s just weird,” Doncic said. “I don’t know how you call it. It’s just some massage, some rest, and hopefully we’re good.”
Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic has been downgraded to doubtful for Wednesday night's home game against the Oklahoma City Thunder due to low back tightness. A source told ESPN that Doncic is still expected to play in Sunday's All-Star Game even if he sits out Wednesday, which is the Mavs' final game before the break.
Dallas Mavericks star guard Luka Doncic was sidelined for Sunday's road game against the Chicago Bulls because of a left quadriceps contusion. Doncic's status for Monday's road game against the Houston Rockets has yet to be determined, coach Rick Carlisle said. "We'll see how he feels tomorrow," Carlisle said. "We don't think this is a long-term thing, but we'll just have to see how he feels when he gets up tomorrow and if tomorrow is going to be a possibility or not."
Brad Townsend: Not surprising Doncic also is listed as questionable. Was walking with a slight limp after last night's game. As he left interview area was asked if Morris play made his sprained ankle worse. "It didn't help," he said, limping away.
"I didn't want to jeopardize this great young player's career for a basketball game, no matter how important it seemed at the time," Nelson testified. Cuban countered in his testimony that there had been medical advances for such injuries since Nelson played, which was 40 years prior. The Dirk knee injury was being dealt with almost 20 years ago. Mavs fans hope the same positive argument made then for him can be made now for Doncic - that "medical advances'' and what coach Rick Carlisle calls "every advanced treatment modality that you can have,'' or prayer, or luck or pain tolerance - will return the star to the floor, safely and soon.
Tim MacMahon: Source: MRI on Luka Doncic's sprained left ankle revealed "nothing alarming." He is expected to be a gametime decision for Sunday afternoon's Game 4 vs. Clippers.
Tim MacMahon: Rick Carlisle says MRI results for Luka Doncic's ankle aren't available yet. "That will certainly have something to do with [his Game 4 status], and mostly it will have to do with how he’s feeling, if he feels that he can play effectively on it."
Tim MacMahon: As Rick Carlisle mentioned last night, the quick turnaround from a late Friday night game to a Sunday afternoon game decreases the odds of Luka Doncic being available for Game 4. Good news: Early, pre-MRI indications are it’s a mild sprain.
Brad Townsend: Doncic didn't refer to his injury last night as "a little sprain" because he's a doctor. That's what Mavs training staff was indicating to him. Mavs expect that MRI today will confirm that, but they wouldn't have scheduled one if they had 100% certainty.
Brad Townsend: Neither the Mavs nor Clippers submitted anything for today's first NBA injury reporter (11 a.m. Eastern). Aren't required to submit until later today. Next report is 2 p.m., at about which time Mavs are scheduled to have interviews available with Rick Carlisle and 2 players.
With tape tightly wrapped around his sprained left ankle, Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic admitted uncertainty about if he can play against the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 4 of their first-round playoff series. Doncic plans to receive an MRI on Saturday, and Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle expects he may not know the answer until sometime Sunday before tip-off at 3:30 ET. Despite his uncertainty, Doncic sounded more relieved than concerned about his long-term health.
"It’s not that bad," Doncic said following the Mavericks’ 130-122 Game 3 loss to the Clippers on Friday. "Honestly, I’m lucky it’s my left ankle and not my right." The reason? Doncic missed 11 games during the season because of a sprained right ankle and an additional game after feeling soreness. Either way, Doncic initially appeared in pain after rolling his left ankle with 4:04 left in the third quarter while defending Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard.
Davide Chinellato: 🇺🇸 Luka says he’ll have an MRI tomorrow to know more about his left ankle. Then in Spanish he said: “The ankle is not an excuse, I played really bad”
Tim MacMahon: Rick Carlisle: "Unsure of the exact severity of Luka's left ankle. ... We'll know more tomorrow. He did come back and try it obviously and wasn't moving great, so we'll see where he is come tomorrow and then Sunday morning."
As for whether Doncic’s insistence to play jeopardized his chances of returning to 100%? Carlisle stressed the Mavericks were not taking a significant risk with Doncic, who averaged 35.0 points, 8.0 assists and 7.5 rebounds in the first two games of the series. "To my knowledge, there was no further progression of the injury or anything like that. He just couldn’t play in this game. So the right thing was to get him out," Carlisle said. "He didn’t further injure it. He just wasn’t able to move the way you have to move in a playoff series against a top-seeded team. So getting him out was the right thing."
Brad Townsend: Officially, as of the 4:30 p.m. NBA injury report, Luka Doncic is listed as questionable for tomorrow's game. That's not a surprise. Rick Carlisle told us he would be listed as questionable or probable. Doncic was emphatic that he will play.
Mark Followill: Mavs news of note from @Mark Cuban visit on new @BenandSkin show: 1. Expects Luka to play Wednesday vs Sacramento 2. Dirk jersey retirement will be early next season
Tim MacMahon: Rick Carlisle on Luka Doncic: “I believe he’s going to be OK by the time the All-Star weekend rolls around. It’s just my feeling that he’ll be able to participate at some level in those events.”
Tim Cowlishaw: Rick Carlisle says on @1033fmESPN that Luka Doncic is out at least for the next six games...
The All-Star guard also is unlikely to play Saturday against the Atlanta Hawks, sources said. Two sources said the ankle injury, suffered when Doncic stepped on another player's foot, appears to be similar to the sprain he suffered earlier this season.
Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic will miss at least one game after injuring his right ankle during Thursday's practice. Doncic will undergo an MRI on Friday morning, sources told ESPN, and will not play later that night against the Rockets in Houston.
Doncic suffered the injury near the end of practice on Thursday and was getting treatment while coach Rick Carlisle addressed the media. A source said Doncic stepped on a defender's foot while driving to the basket during a brief scrimmage.
Dallas Mavericks star guard Luka Doncic briefly entered the concussion protocol during Sunday's loss to the Los Angeles Lakers after suffering a hard fall to the court during a first-half drive to the hoop. Doncic was fouled on the drive and stayed in to sink a pair of free throws, but he checked out of the game late in the second quarter and went to the locker room.
Doncic was deemed healthy enough to return to action, and he came back in the second half. He finished with 19 points, seven assists and four rebounds in the 108-95 loss to the Lakers. "It was scary," said Doncic, who entered the game averaging 29.1 points, 9.7 rebounds and 9.1 assists. "I fell on my back, hit my head and my elbow. I was OK."
Tim MacMahon: Sources: The Mavs are planning for Luka Doncic to make his return from a sprained right ankle tonight against the Spurs. He has missed last four games and is officially listed as questionable.
Dwain Price: Carlisle said Luka participated in everything in practice today. But he doesn't know his status for Thursday's game against the Spurs. @Dallas Mavericks @nba pic.twitter.com/Amo1RlJTvd
Tim MacMahon: Luka Doncic is moving pretty well during an extended pregame workout. He’ll be at least a limited participant in Tuesday’s practice. His status for Thursday’s home game vs. Spurs might not be determined until game day, but there is some optimism that he’ll return then.
Tim Bontemps: Luka Doncic remains out tonight, but he’s out here pregame in Philadelphia running wind sprints. Not going full speed, but also doesn’t appear to be limping, or have anything extra on his sprained ankle.
After suffering a moderate ankle sprain Saturday, Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic already has shed his crutches and walking boot, coach Rick Carlisle said. "He is responding well to treatment," Carlisle said before the Mavericks game against the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday night. "He is progressing well."
The Mavericks on Sunday departed Dallas, without Luka Doncic, to face a Milwaukee team that has won 18 straight games and 22 of its last 23. Even so, the Mavericks as a franchise breathed a collective sigh of relief. The right ankle sprain that Doncic suffered Saturday night was diagnosed, according to a Mavericks source, as “moderate.” The source told The News that Doncic almost certainly will miss Dallas’ four games leading into Christmas, but might be able to return soon after that.
Brad Townsend: Doncic will not travel to Milwaukee and instead will receive treatment with trainer Casey Smith, per Mavs. Source tells me Doncic almost certainly will miss this stretch of 4 straight games against the top teams in the East, but could be back soon after Christmas.
Tim MacMahon: Luka Doncic might be able to return within a couple of weeks after suffering a moderate right ankle sprain last night, sources told ESPN. Doncic likely misses upcoming stretch vs. East power (Bucks, Celtics, 76ers and Raptors this week), but Mavs feel they dodged a bullet.
Brad Townsend: Though several people in the Mavs organization expressed cautious optimism last night that Doncic’s ankle sprain isn’t severe, overnight swelling levels and day-after examinations always are key, so let’s hold off on speculating about how long he will be out.
Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic sustained a moderate right ankle sprain Saturday in the opening minutes of Dallas' 122-118 overtime loss to the Miami Heat, league sources told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. X-rays on the ankle were negative, the team said. "We hope it's not serious," said Mavs coach Rick Carlisle, who added that he does not expect Doncic to be available Monday night for a road game against the Milwaukee Bucks. "That's about all that we have for you now."
Brad Townsend: Carlisle says, “I don’t expect him to play (Monday) against Milwaukee, but that’s not a media release. That’s just what I’m guessing at this point.”
Carlisle said Doncic, who left the arena without speaking to the media, was able to put weight on his right leg. Teammates told ESPN that Doncic was working out on the team's underwater treadmill under the supervision of the Mavs' athletic training staff at halftime.
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With the understanding that things can change — it’s a business, things can change with you, things change with the organization — as we sit here right now, do you see yourself in Toronto long term? Pascal Siakam: I do. I’m a really prideful person and I always want to be the best player that I can be, and the bubble wasn’t that. So I get it, I understand it, but also for me what really hurt me is one of those things about my dad or like, “Oh, your dad wouldn’t have been proud of this.” [Siakam’s father died in a car accident in 2014.]
Was there any irritation from you toward the Raptors that your name was surfacing so much in trade rumors? Pascal Siakam: It didn’t bother me really, because I never really heard anything from the Raptors. Even all the news I was seeing it was never like: “Oh. The Raptors wanted to give up Siakam for this.” It was always like, “The Warriors like Pascal,” or it was always, “The Kings like Pascal,” or this. There was never nothing where it was like, “The Raptors wanted to give away Pascal.”
Were you surprised that Kyle Lowry left for Miami? Pascal Siakam: I wouldn’t say I was surprised by it because obviously I could see it coming. When I was a rookie, these were the people that we look up to, right? It was Kyle. It was DeMar [DeRozan]. Kyle was like our big brother. We looked up to him and DeMar. So it was weird, obviously, to see them go. Sometimes, I’ll be thinking, “OK, Kyle is not here anymore, right?” You don’t really put it in perspective. Some of the questions obviously about what the team wants to do and things like that, they ask you. And before you felt like all those questions, I didn’t really have to answer them, because I felt like Kyle was there and now he’s not there.
How is rehab going? Pascal Siakam: I was expecting it to be worse, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I would say just, I think the first two weeks or three weeks was the worst, just because I couldn’t sleep. I have to find a position to get comfortable. I had to sleep on the couch for two weeks because I couldn’t sleep on the bed. I’m a side sleeper. So I couldn’t do that. Are you even shooting or doing anything basketball-wise? Pascal Siakam: Yes. I’m shooting, ball handling. I think at this point in the process I look better than I thought I was expecting at least or I’m doing more than I thought I would do at that time.
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