Ari Shapiro: Let's talk about the younger players who y…

3 weeks ago via NPR
Ari Shapiro: Let’s talk about the younger players who you’re most excited about. Who are you really psyched to see stepping into the spotlight right now? Chris Bosh: Man, I love the job that Devin Booker’s doing, Donovan Mitchell. You know, I think Ja Morant, when they were in before they got eliminated – I mean, they’re always knocking at the door competing, especially with Donovan Mitchell. They’re – the Jazz team being in the No. 1 seed, being a strong home team and a top five team in both offense and defense. And, you know, let me see. Am I missing anybody? Oh, yeah, of course – Luka Doncic.
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June 25, 2021 | 12:06 am EDT Update