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Fizdale wasn’t fazed. Knicks management, led by president Steve Mills and general manager Scott Perry, told him they were committed to a “patient build.” Mills, Perry and Fizdale were the first trio of Black men to lead an NBA team. “I always thought, ‘Whoever you give me, I can win with them. I’ll figure it out,’ ” Fizdale said. “That’s how arrogant I was.”
I’ve done this analysis for the past three seasons and one of the reoccurring trends has been that female media members tend to score lower on the contrarianism scale than male voters. I think part of that has to do with the fact that female media members are more likely to be the subject of ad hominem attacks and unfair criticism from fans for casting an unconventional ballot. So perhaps out of self-preservation, female voters tend to make fewer controversial choices than male voters do.
I also find it at least somewhat interesting that two of the most contrarian voters this season were from media members covering the league for a foreign press. Haupt and Christos Tsalta of both scored highly on the contrarianism scale and I wonder if that has anything to do with how much (or how little) media narratives translate to different cultures. In other words, are attributes that are valued by American fans and media valued to the same degree by fans from a different country? I suspect not and that may play a part in why Haupt and Tsalta made such contrarian choices.