The upbeat and positive reinforcement persona — the p…

The upbeat and positive reinforcement persona — the polar opposite of McMillan — played well during the interview process. One league executive with knowledge of Bjorkgren’s style called it “fake positivity” to IndyStar. Others drew similar conclusions, describing his delivery as awkward at best. As far back as December, in a shortened preseason, another league source with the team had raised red flags about Bjorkgren’s methods, as he coached from an iPad.

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IndyStar has talked to multiple league sources who’ve worked with Bjorkgren, including at previous stops, and they shared first-hand experiences that paint a picture similar to what transpired during his one disastrous season in Indiana. The consensus: They were shocked he became an NBA head coach so soon. It wasn’t just his lack of experience, which can be overcome with adequate staff supporting him, but his methods.
Off the court, Bjorkgren wanted players to wear only team-issued sweats on the plane, two league sources with knowledge of the situation said. He also had banned headwear such as do-rags. Another source added that McMillan had his demands, too, such as wearing slacks, a nice shirt and sometimes a jacket.
On the court, it was about analytics to a fault. They governed all of his actions and conclusions. If a player shoots 20% when he dribbles more than twice going left, Bjorkgren expected him to be defended accordingly, regardless of the game's flow or his players’ basketball intuition.
A league source said Pritchard was so dismayed by the lack of effort and commitment that he saw from his team that he spoke to them before games against San Antonio and Atlanta late in the season. He also was so dismayed two other times that he went into the locker room postgame to scold them for their performances.
This isn't a question of whether Bjorkgren knows Xs and Os. It's his stubbornness when confronted with mounting evidence that his way isn't working that has been an issue. And he ignored the importance of unifying the team — players, assistants and support staff included — to build a strong culture, a league source told IndyStar.
Although various media outlets have reported that Malcolm Brogdon and Domantas Sabonis wanted Bjorkgren fired — IndyStar did not — that wasn't accurate, according to multiple league sources since March. No player went to management demanding a firing then or even during exit interviews.
Bjorkgren's rise has been attributed to being lucky more than qualified. He was in the right places at the right times. A native Iowan, like Nurse and Pacers GM Chad Buchanan, he received the benefit of any doubt because of those relationships, multiple league sources told IndyStar. His behavior differed toward those he saw as his equals or above him in rank, but he made sure those beneath him knew their place. This wasn't evident to Pacers management during the season, a league source said. They did have trouble building a strong staff around Bjorkgren because he wasn't connected and other assistants weren't leaving their situations to join him.
J. Michael Falgoust: No indication either Sabonis or Brogdon ever asked for Bjorkgren's dismissal. As I'd reported since the deadline, players thought he catered to them too much League sources today confirmed to @IndyStarSports that's where he lost them. Unwilling to hard coach his best players
JD Shaw: The Pacers have confirmed that Nate Bjorkgren will not be retained as head coach. Full statement from Kevin Pritchard:
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