On the flipside, Crowder is paying a price for his beha…

On the flipside, Crowder is paying a price for his behavior, literally. “I’ve got to be smart,” he said. “I can’t always bite the bait. I keep giving money back to the league. I’ve given a lot of money back this whole playoffs.” According to the 2020-21 NBA rule book, a player is fined $2,000 for each of his first two technical fouls, $3,000 each for his third and fourth technical foul in the playoffs. Crowder picked up his fourth technical of the playoffs Wednesday after he and Aaron Gordon got into it in the third quarter.
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Spencer Dinwiddie cleared for all basketball activities

Shams Charania: Nets free agent Spencer Dinwiddie has been fully cleared for all basketball activities, his operating surgeon Dr. Riley Williams says. Dinwiddie recovered from a partial ACL tear in just over five months. He enters free agency as one of the top point guards on the market.
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