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March 22, 2023 | 3:37 pm EDT Update
Garnett’s grudge against Allen had lasted much longer than many of his former Celtics teammates and it wasn’t clear what led to the change of heart for the Hall of Fame forward when it came to the Allen feud. For the first time, Garnett provided some detailed insight into his perspective on an episode of Cold as Balls with Kevin Hart. “What made the Ray situation so prolific with us is because the structure we built in Boston, the three of us built that,” Garnett told Hart. “If there was one team that we had an issue with, it was Miami. I wasn’t looking at it like it’s a business decision for Ray. Ray had a chance to get another ring. I didn’t take on none of that. I was in my own feelings, so I was super competitive. Everybody who knows me knows I’m like that.”