It wasn’t until the final month of the 2015-16 that C…

It wasn’t until the final month of the 2015-16 that Curry began to see consistent minutes with the Kings, and he produced. It’s also when it started to become apparent that Curry had a future in the NBA. He had four 20-point performances, shot 31-for-64 (48.4%) on 3-pointers and averaged 15.2 points in 11 games. “I always believed I was good enough,” said Curry, the younger brother of Golden State’s Steph Curry. “It was just a matter of getting an opportunity and making the most out of it. I knew the confidence I had in myself and just maximizing what I do best and getting an opportunity to show at an NBA level and being consistent with it. That’s pretty much it.”
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July 31, 2021 | 12:04 pm EDT Update

James Ennis discusses free agency

With teams and players able to negotiate free-agent deals beginning on Monday at 6:00pm ET, the 31-year-old will enter the new league year as a coveted three-and-D wing. “I’ve been in the league for a while,” Ennis told Hoops Rumors in a phone interview this week. “I’m in the league for a reason, obviously. Good vet, a good locker room guy, good teammate all-around. I just want to win. That’s my biggest thing.”
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The veteran forward will enter free agency armed with a respectable 41-game sample that should make him an appealing under-the-radar target for teams in need of a wing. “I like Orlando a lot. When I first got here, I got an opportunity — and that’s all you can ask from a coach,” said Ennis, who was dealt from the Sixers to the Magic at the 2020 deadline. “I’ve definitely enjoyed the city and I’ve made a lot of good memories with my daughter.”