Tomorrow all eyes will be on Milwaukee, as the Bucks ki…

1 month ago via CBS58
Tomorrow all eyes will be on Milwaukee, as the Bucks kick off the Eastern Conference championship, but some residents and businesses are concerned after an increase in violence downtown. “Fights, drunk driving, seeing a lot of people running the red light here, shootings.” That’s how one man, who owns a condo just off Water Street, describes what he sees on weekends. The man, who did not want to be identified, says he is fed up with the increase in crime in the area — and sent a letter to the mayor and Fire and Police Commission but didn’t get a response. “I would just like to see a detail level plan, not only just Water Street, the entire city, because the crime is extreme these days,” he said.
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Even having been cast aside, Dragic adores the Heat, sources said. Serious veterans appreciate Riley’s commitment to winning. “We never once spoke about Miami as a city,” Butler’s agent, Bernie Lee, told me last year in explaining Butler’s desire to be there. “Obviously it’s an amazing place with amazing people, but Jimmy wasn’t going there for the beach. Since he’s gotten there, I think we have gone out to eat less than 10 times and one of them was the Super Bowl. We didn’t even talk about the tax advantages. The only questions he asked were of the background of the people involved and how they would build out the team.”