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Sarah K. Spencer: I asked John Collins about the Hawks losing De'Andre Hunter: "That's just a huge blow." He adds: "I don't like to see my brothers go down, especially at a time like this, so I have great prayers and spirits for Dre whenever I see him, whenever I'm around him. We have his back."
Kevin Chouinard: For tomorrow, Hawks say: De’Andre Hunter (right knee soreness) is questionable. Kris Dunn (non-covid illness) is out. Brandon Goodwin (minor respiratory condition) is out. Cam Reddish (right Achilles soreness) is out.
Kevin Chouinard: Hawks injury list for tomorrow: De’Andre Hunter (right knee soreness) is questionable. Kris Dunn (non-covid illness) is out. Brandon Goodwin (minor respiratory condition) is out. Cam Reddish (right Achilles soreness) is out.
Sarah K. Spencer: I asked De'Andre Hunter how his knee is feeling and he said it's basically back to normal. Says he's not sure if he'll be on a minute restriction for Game 2.
Sarah K. Spencer: I asked De'Andre Hunter about his increasing his workload coming back from injury, playing 24 minutes Sunday: "It felt good. My knee, it didn't really bother me. Just trying to get my wind back up, get my rhythm back up."
Sarah K. Spencer: For tomorrow’s game vs. Washington: De’Andre Hunter (right knee soreness) has been UPGRADED TO questionable. Tony Snell (right Achilles soreness) is questionable. Cam Reddish (right Achilles soreness) is out.
Sarah K. Spencer: De'Andre Hunter played 5-on-5 today, Nate McMillan says. Did some scrimmaging. They will wait to see how his knee feels tomorrow. But McMillan says as far as he knows, everything went fine today.
Sarah K. Spencer: I asked Bogdan Bogdanovic what it would mean for the Hawks to get De'Andre Hunter back: "He was honestly our best player before injury, most consistent player. So we all know how much we miss him, and he knows as well. It's good to see him hooping today, and he looks good."
Sarah K. Spencer: For tonight’s game vs. Chicago: Bogdan Bogdanovic (left hamstring soreness) is questionable. Kevin Huerter (left shoulder sprain) is questionable. De’Andre Hunter (right knee soreness) is out. Cam Reddish (right Achilles soreness) is out.
Chris Kirschner: Nate McMillan said Kris Dunn was able to get some live work in today. De'Andre Hunter was not able to participate today. Tony Snell is limited to light running and shooting. No timeline on any of them returning though.
Chris Kirschner: McMillan said Hunter's procedure will NOT keep him out for the rest of the season. He said he "absolutely" expects him to return this season.
Chris Kirschner: For tomorrow’s game at San Antonio: De’Andre Hunter (right knee soreness) is questionable. John Collins (left ankle sprain) is out.
Chris Kirschner: For tomorrow’s game at Golden State: De’Andre Hunter (right knee soreness) is probable. Kris Dunn (right ankle surgery) is out. Cam Reddish (right Achilles soreness) is out.
Sarah K. Spencer: De'Andre Hunter says he hasn't done much 5-on-5 (the Hawks get very little practice time, and usually take it easy since they have a game every other day). He has done "a little" 3-on-3 and 4-on-4. Says he just needs to get in a game and get used to it again.
Sarah K. Spencer: "I'm in good spirits right now, definitely," De'Andre Hunter says. This is the first road trip he has gone on with the team since getting hurt.
De'Andre Hunter, who has emerged as the Atlanta Hawks' second-leading scorer in his second season, will miss at least one game with a knee injury. The Hawks said Saturday that Hunter will not play in Monday's home game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Hunter had a non-surgical procedure Saturday to address articular wear and tear in his right knee.
Chris Kirschner: For tomorrow’s game: De’Andre Hunter (right knee soreness) is questionable. Cam Reddish (left knee contusion) is questionable. Danilo Gallinari (right ankle sprain) is doubtful. Bogdan Bogdanovic (avulsion fracture, right knee) is out. Kris Dunn (right ankle surgery) is out.
Sarah K. Spencer: De'Andre Hunter (dislocated right index finger) on whether he'll be able to play in Wednesday's game vs. the Nets: "I don't know as of right now. I have a lot of adrenaline and it doesn't really hurt me right now, but I'll definitely know by tomorrow."
Chris Kirschner: For tomorrow’s game vs. Miami: De’Andre Hunter (dental injury) is probable. Evan Turner (left Achilles pain) is doubtful. Allen Crabbe (post op rehab – right knee) is out. Chandler Parsons (load management – bilateral knees) is out. Trae Young (right ankle sprain) is out.
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