Phoenix Suns coach Monty Williams was recently slammed …

Phoenix Suns coach Monty Williams was recently slammed by NBA analyst Amin Elhassan for going into the Milwaukee Bucks’ locker room after his team’s Game 6 loss in the NBA Finals (and then Suns fans slammed Elhassan for slamming Williams). A recent video from ESPN’s Malika Andrews on Twitter might clear up some of the controversy surrounding the issue. In the video, an interview with Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Bucks star says that he invited the Suns coach into the Milwaukee locker room.
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September 27, 2021 | 9:54 am EDT Update
September 27, 2021 | 9:36 am EDT Update
Towns received treatment at an area hospital, then quarantined at home for the next few weeks, isolated from friends and family. Basketball had been the closest thing in his life to an outlet. Now, by himself, he had no choice but to confront the pain that followed his mother’s sudden death. “I’ve had a lot of situations this year where things were just too much for me,” Towns says. “I just remember [quarantining] in the house, and it was more than just COVID for me. I felt like I was going through a holistic journey.”
A high-calorie diet eventually solved his weight problem. But that night inside Quicken Loans Arena, in the same building with so many people for the first time since he was able to leave his house, anxiety enveloped Towns on the bench. When the first quarter ended he texted his agent: “I can’t be out here anymore. I can’t do this.” He rushed back to the locker room, where Minnesota’s head equipment manager Peter Warden asked if everything was O.K.