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Shaquile O’Neal will make his debut as a co-screenwriter and producer on the short “Headnoise,” mounted through his company Jersey Legends Productions. The film examines the internal and external pressure to succeed, as told through childhood friends Rashaun and Damon, two talented basketball players from the same inner-city neighborhood. Both are NBA hopefuls, but Rashaun is the more coveted pick among college recruitment scouts. Secretly, however, Rashaun’s passion is sculpting — and while his journey to follow his dream is plagued with systemic disadvantages, he is determined to be undefeated by his internal head noise.

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Shaquille O’Neal is excited for the future of esports and skeptical of cryptocurrency. “I make investments, not for the monetary reasons, but … if it’s going to change people’s lives — and if I see people enjoy doing it,” he told Front Office Sports. With this philosophy, O’Neal has built an investment portfolio that puts estimates for his net worth at around $400 million. O’Neal’s résumé boasts an extensive list of investments and partnerships, including subscription-based fitness platform Beachbody, which went public last week in a $2.9 billion deal.
There is, however, one venture that O’Neal can’t help but talk about: esports. O’Neal walked his children into the League of Legends Season 3 World Championship back in 2013 and left with a piqued curiosity. “One day I had the children and my boys said, ‘Dad, take us to the Staples Center!’” O’Neal recalled. “As soon as I turn the corner, it’s screaming kids, watching some other kids play video games.” “I never even heard of esports. But 60,000 kids jumping up and down, louder than a basketball game, I knew that this right here, it was going to be the future.”
Because of his straightforward investment strategy, O’Neal is wary of investments that can’t be easily explained, like cryptocurrency. “I always get these companies that say, ‘Hey, we’ll give you $900,000 in crypto to send out a tweet.’ So I have to say, ‘OK, if you’re going to give me a million dollars worth of crypto, then why do you need me?’” O’Neal said. “You need me ‘cause once I put the tweet out and then people go to your site, that’s going to bring you $5, 6-7 billion. But how do I know you’re legit? A couple of my friends got caught up in a little scam like that one time.”
"I've gotten to know him a little bit and he's a good dude," Feldman told us. "If something can happen, and I hope it does because not only do we want money and popularity, obviously, but we want to do business with people who are really good people. And he's just a great person. He really is. If that deal comes to fruition, which I think it will, it will be a tremendous thing. And then we have some other names who are in the mix."
Shaquille O’Neal made a big statement about inclusion this week. The basketball legend co-founded Majority — an ad agency focused on diversity — with CEO Omid Farhang, former chief creative at ad agency Momentum Worldwide. “Most agencies still struggle to meet a 25% diversity target,” O’Neal said. “We want to flip that diversity ratio to turn the minority into the majority.”
Last month, a SPAC the four-time champion advises took fitness brand Beachbody public in a merger worth $3 billion. A week later, the same group filed for another SPAC, seeking $300 million to acquire a tech company. Shaq has likely amassed a nine-figure fortune, but the exact amount isn’t clear. “My mother would be disappointed if I talk about numbers,” he said.
Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal has become known since retiring from the game for his prolific work as a celebrity pitchman, working in front of the camera to help brands including Papa John’s and Frosted Flakes win customers. In his latest venture, he’ll be working with marketers behind the scenes. Mr. O’Neal is becoming a founding partner and investor in Majority, a new ad agency focused on serving up talent of diverse backgrounds. The agency arrives as Madison Avenue grapples with a history of inequity amid the nation’s renewed call for social justice, large agencies increasingly take measures to diversify their ranks, and some marketers press agencies to increase the diversity of the teams that work on their accounts.
Mr. O’Neal won’t handle day-to-day agency tasks but will support the shop by joining meetings, networking and reaching out to brands and celebrity contacts as needed, he said. “I’m just motivated to do this in a way to create new opportunities,” said Mr. O’Neal. “A lot of people talk about it. I’m tired of talking about it. I want to do something about it. I just want to make progress.”
The fire happened shortly after midnight February 10. Battalion Chief Douglas Hatcher said then that firefighters could salvage most of the building, after the fire had started in the back. He added that no injuries were reported from the blaze. O'Neal told WXIA-TV shortly after the incident that he hoped "we will bounce back better than ever."
NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal plans to make a serious investment in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. The former Los Angeles Lakers star was ringside for BKFC's 'KnuckleMania' event last Friday, which saw former UFC star Paige VanZant make her promotional bow.
According to BKFC founder Dave Feldman, O'Neal's deal with the promotion is all but finalised. He said: “Now we’ve got one of the most sought-after sports figures in the entire world. Who doesn’t know Shaq? And now he’s going to be part of this company and it’s going to make a lot for people want to be part of the company.”
Mr. O’Neal, who is a basketball commentator on WarnerMedia’s TNT network and owns many Papa John’s Pizza and Auntie Anne’s pretzel franchises, will serve as a strategic adviser. He also owns nightclubs in Las Vegas and is active in esports. In the SEC filing, Mr. O’Neal is described as someone who has “a keen eye for investing in successful ventures, having invested in Google prior to its initial public offering and Ring prior to its sale to Amazon.”
Papa John's is making a big addition to its board of directors: NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. The company announced the partnership Friday, adding that the four-time NBA champion will be an "ambassador for the Papa John's brand." Officials said O'Neal is also investing in nine Papa John's restaurants in the Atlanta area.
Shaquille O’Neal is coming back to play in Miami next week. Play music, that is. The former star centre and four-time NBA champion still has a hectic life in retirement, with work as a television analyst and celebrity endorser and other off-court business interests. He’s also serious about music and will be one of the headliners during the upcoming Miami Music Week — bringing his “Shaq’s Fun House” and DJ skills back on March 29.
O’Neal has studied the art of being a DJ for some time, even going back to his days with the Miami Heat and helping that franchise win its first world title in 2006. His first ‘Fun House’ was in Miami last year, also part of what organizers call the biggest week for dance music in the world. He also had a show as part of Super Bowl week earlier this year.
Basketball Hall of Famer and broadcaster Shaquille O'Neal was named a global spokesperson for Krispy Kreme on Monday, which includes ownership in the company's iconic store in downtown Atlanta that opened in 1965. O'Neal has loved the brand for years, and made a music video in 2009 in which he tempted himself with a box of doughnuts while trying to stick to his "ShaqLyte" diet.
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