Brad Townsend: Hard to call it an out-and-out hometown …

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Adrian Wojnarowski: Tim Hardaway Jr.'s four-year deal with the Mavericks is worth $74M, his agent Mark Bartelstein of @PrioritySports tells ESPN.
Brad Townsend: Confirmed that Hardaway and Mavs have a verbal agreement. Free agents can't sign until the moratorium ends until 11 a.m. on Friday. Also recall that Mavs infamously had 2 free agents change their minds -- DeAndre Jordan and, ahem, Jason Kidd, but no one expects that here.
Marc Stein: Dallas, I'm told, is expected to reach agreement to re-sign Tim Hardaway Jr. early in free agency. Hardaway and Boban Marjanovic are two Mavs free agents they were determined to retain and sources say they will. 30-ish minutes 'til the bell rings. More:…
The Dallas Mavericks' post-draft focus, sources say, will be the pursuit of Kyle Lowry (along with Miami, New Orleans and Philadelphia) and their bid to re-sign Tim Hardaway Jr. Dallas was initially expected to wait and see if Kawhi Leonard gave any indication that he was open to leaving the Clippers, but the Mavericks have moved off of those plans.
He scored 20 or more points in four of the Mavs' seven games against the LA Clippers in the first round of the playoffs, including 28 in Game 2. What will it take to get Hardaway Jr. to sign with the Warriors in August? "That's up to [president of basketball operations] Bob Myers (laughter)," Tim Hardaway Sr. said Tuesday on 95.7 The Game's "The Morning Roast" show. "He knows who his agent is -- Mark Bartelstein -- he has to talk to Mark. "First of all, does he want to come there? Second of all, will he flourish there? Yeah, I think he would. Do they have the money to get him there? There are a lot of variables involved with that."
Spoiler alert -- the Warriors do not have the money to add Hardaway, and almost assuredly can't acquire him in a sign-and-trade because of salary cap rules. So if you are hoping to see the shooting guard in a Dubs uniform in 2021-22, don't hold your breath.
Sources said the Mavs aren't likely to make major roster changes right away, especially if Tim Hardaway Jr. picks up his $19 million player option as anticipated. One path for this offseason being pushed within the organization is to target veterans who have earned reputations for toughness and could be signed to short-term deals.
“Bringing back Tim to his original NBA home is an exciting time for him and this franchise,” Mills said. “As a versatile wing whose game continues to improve, he will fit right into the core of players that make up a roster emphasizing youth, athleticism, accountability and unselfishness.”
Adrian Wojnarowski: Atlanta will not match New York's $71M offer sheet to Tim Hardaway Jr., but official notification still hours away, sources tell ESPN.
Courtney Lee would seem to be the odd man out if Hardaway comes in because they play the same position. But a league source said the Knicks aren’t looking to move Lee and that they plan to play him and Hardaway together. That could change, but the source said the Knicks want to have a mix of young players and veterans.
The Knicks’ free-agency plan changed when Phil Jackson was removed as team president. General manager Steve Mills is running the basketball department now. Instead of looking for players who fit the triangle, Mills is said to be seeking young, athletic players, and his first big move in free agency was to try to bring back someone Jackson traded two years ago.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Story with @Ianbegley: Restricted free agent Tim Hardaway Jr., has signed a 4-year, $71M offer sheet with New York.
Ian Begley: With @Adrian Wojnarowski, Knicks' offer sheet to Tim Hardaway Jr. contains a 15% trade kicker, league sources told ESPN. 4th year is a player option.
Sam Amick: The Hawks have planned on matching Tim Hardaway Jr.'s offer sheets, & here comes test: 4 yrs, $71 million offer sheet signed w/ NY. ESPN 1st
Mike Fisher: Tim Hardaway Jr - RFA - is not at top of #Mavs FA shopping list. But sources tell me to add him to 'maybe' list.
Concerning Millsap and Hardaway, Schlenk would not indicate whether he has a price threshold that he’s willing to pay for each. Millsap is an unrestricted free agent. Hardaway is a restricted free agent and the Hawks have more flexibility regarding his contract. “The one thing I’ve maintained is that we are going to be flexible and not sign bad deals,” said Schlenk, admitting he realizes he already sounds like a broken record already in his short tenure with the team. “That means different things for different guys.”
The Hawks extended a qualifying offer to Tim Hardaway Jr. on Monday officially making the shooting guard a restricted free agent. The move was expected and gives the Hawks flexibility regarding Hardaway’s contract.
However, there will likely be a list of suitors for the restricted free agent this summer. The Hawks must decide whether to match an offer sheet from another team. “That’s why I have an agent to do all the talk with the organization here and see what best fits for me,” Hardaway said during his exit interview last week. “I love it here. Atlanta brought me here and it really felt like I was starting all over as a rookie when I got here. They made me go through some tough times. They made me mature as a person on and off the court. And made me appreciate the game a whole lot more when I first came in the league. That’s what I’m thankful for.”
“I want to be here, point blank,” Hardaway said. “They brought me here because they believed in me and believed in what I’m capable of doing. I’m thankful for it. … As of now, I’m still here. This is my team. I’m an Atlanta Hawk still. There is no other team right now. My mind and my focus is with the Atlanta Hawks.”
The Atlanta Hawks traded their first round pick which became Jerian Grant in 2015 to the New York Knicks for Tim Hardaway Jr. A season and a half later, the Hawks are interested in trading Hardaway before he hits restricted free agency this summer. "They're already shopping Tim Hardaway for second round picks because they don't want to pay him," said Zach Lowe.
Hours before the deadline, talks between the Hawks and Tim Hardaway Jr. continued Monday but a contract extension is unlikely, according to several people familiar with the situation.
The Hawks and the guard have until 11:59 p.m. Monday to extend his rookie contract. If a deal is not reached, Hardaway will become a restricted free agent following the season. There have been several conversations and, according to one person familiar with the situation, both sides would like to work out a long-term deal. However, the timing might be better in the spring.
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