“I still think when you look at the depth of our rost…

“I still think when you look at the depth of our roster and the young talent that we have, we don’t have draft assets like we have in the past anymore, but we now have guys under contract that you could match some of the bigger salaries,” Schlenk said. “There wasn’t really those big guys — all those rumors guys were going to ask for trades and it didn’t really come to fruition. So you never really know, and in today’s NBA, those guys can kind of pick where they’re going to go, too. It’s not like the good old days where you make the best offer and you get the guy. “But I think last year kind of put us back on the NBA map as far as a destination. Those who want to get traded, they want to go somewhere they think they can win. And I think now that perception of us is out there, because we do have a young core that did show success in the playoffs. So the hope would be when a star player does ask to be traded, we’ll be one of the destinations he’ll be open to coming to.”
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