Billups says it is a two-way street with defense. If yo…

Billups says it is a two-way street with defense. If you give him effort, and the results aren’t there, then it is incumbent upon him to make changes schematically. But there has to be effort. “I can deal with effort,” Billups said. “Because you are telling me you are all in. Everybody’s skill set is different. We don’t have a lot of lockdown defenders — not only on our team but in the league — so if you give me effort and bust your behind out there, I’m OK with that. But if you don’t give me effort, and it’s just happening out there, then you are going to be watching the game (he chuckles). You are going to be watching the game. “But if you give me effort, now it’s on us as a staff to either adjust or do a different coverage, because something is not working. But all I ask for is effort. Give me what you got.”
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Avery Bradley given impression he'll have real chance to make Warriors roster

Avery Bradley is coming off a couple of down seasons but was one of the league’s stingiest individual defenders earlier in his career, and he’s only 30. He’s been given the impression, per a source, that he will have a real chance to make the roster and, with Thompson out early in the season, there’s a clear path to playing time if he rediscovers his old form, which would catapult him back onto the market next summer.
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