“He would go over who he from a coaching standpoint r…

“He would go over who he from a coaching standpoint really respects the most in all those areas, and then we would watch film about what he was talking about,” Billups said. “And we would go through it, I would ask, ‘Why do you think this is so special? … And he would show me something I wasn’t looking for … and I would be, oh shit, that was good.” For every point Lue made, there were two questions Billups asked. “He said he wanted to learn, he wanted to get involved, and he dove into it,” Lue said. “So every day, four or five hours a day, he’s drawing up plays, he’s watching film. We’d go onto the basketball court in the back of his house — me, him, Doodles, D. Jones, his brother Stick — and we’d go through plays on the court.”
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Avery Bradley given impression he'll have real chance to make Warriors roster

Avery Bradley is coming off a couple of down seasons but was one of the league’s stingiest individual defenders earlier in his career, and he’s only 30. He’s been given the impression, per a source, that he will have a real chance to make the roster and, with Thompson out early in the season, there’s a clear path to playing time if he rediscovers his old form, which would catapult him back onto the market next summer.
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