A huge LAPD police union is going scorched earth on the…

A huge LAPD police union is going scorched earth on the Los Angeles District Attorney after he decided NOT to charge Jaxson Hayes with a felony, following the arrest of the New Orleans Pelicans star in July. “George Gascon’s latest criminal’s first airball puts a target on the back of every police officer in Los Angeles,” the Los Angeles Police Protective League tells TMZ Sports.

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TMZ Sports has obtained LAPD body camera footage of Jaxson Hayes' arrest ... and the NBA hooper appears to shove a police officer, sending him careening into a wall. The video starts with cops approaching 6'11, 220-pound Hayes outside his GF's L.A. house -- after a woman called 911, claiming she received "disturbing" texts from her cousin who claimed Hayes was "getting loud and violent," adding she was "scared and couldn't call the police herself."
Once on the scene, cops told 21-year-old Hayes they had to enter the home to make sure everyone was safe ... but Hayes objected. Hayes eventually attempted to retreat inside ... but officers blocked his path. Police attempted to cuff Hayes ... and that's when the situation turned violent. Hayes appears to forcefully shove an officer ... sending him slamming into an exterior wall of the home. Police later said the officer was injured during the incident ... and required medical treatment. Officers then wrestled Hayes -- who was struggling with the cops -- to the ground. He is heard on video saying "I can't breathe."
Cops are so livid over the way they say Jaxson Hayes fought them during his arrest last month ... they're now strongly urging NBA commissioner Adam Silver to take action against the Pelicans star. It's all spelled out in a letter, obtained by TMZ Sports, written by the Los Angeles Police Protective League -- a police union representing 9,000 rank and file LAPD officers -- to Silver and New Orleans Pelicans owner Gayle Benson.
In the note -- which is four pages in length -- the police union says 6'11, 220-pound Hayes became combative on July 27 after they responded to a domestic disturbance call involving the hooper. Law enforcement says Hayes refused orders, hurled the n-word at officers, and pushed one cop so hard into the wall, the basketball player injured the "much physically smaller" man.
TMZ Sports has obtained video showing the controversial arrest of New Orleans Pelicans center Jaxson Hayes ... an incident LAPD is now investigating for possible use of excessive force. The clip starts with 21-year-old Hayes -- the #8 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft -- tussling on the ground with 3 police officers who are attempting to control and cuff Jaxson. One of the cops presses his taser against the Pelican center's chest and shocks him.
On Tuesday, Los Angeles PD Chief Michael Moore announced the department launched an investigation into the arrest after Hayes alleged force was applied to his neck -- causing him difficulty breathing. It's important to note the video we obtained starts with Jaxson on the ground and the taser against his body. TMZ Sports did not edit the starting point of the video.
However, what happened before the video starts rolling is critical ... 'cause cops say Hayes is the one who started and escalated the physical confrontation. Police claim when they arrived on the scene, Hayes attempted to enter the home -- despite their commands -- before he ultimately shoved an officer, injuring him.
Will Guillory: The LAPD released this statement today on the Jaxson Hayes arrest. They say the arrest was captured on an officer's body cam and is being reviewed by the Force Investigation Division bc force may have been applied to Hayes' neck. pic.twitter.com/jXFc653vvO

Andrew Lopez: Jaxson Hayes was arrested at 3:14 AM PT on Wednesday morning in Los Angeles, according to records. Hayes was booked at 3:15 PM PT and charged with a felony. He was released on a $25,000 bond around 5:30 PM PT.
Multiple people who live on the same block as Hayes’ girlfriend in L.A.’s Woodland Hills neighborhood said a young woman’s loud screams woke them up about 3 a.m. One of the neighbors described hearing the young woman at the NBA pro’s girlfriend’s home yell, “Don’t turn him over! Don’t turn him over!” before first responders arrived in vehicles with flashing lights.
None of the neighbors who spoke with The Times-Picayune said they could see the incident that reportedly took place between Hayes and the LAPD members. But one described hearing a pop that she first feared had been a gunshot but was consistent with a stun gun being fired. And another neighbor recounted getting a clear view of “a very tall gentleman being taken away in an ambulance.” “It was scary, scary screaming,” a neighbor said. Another added: “It was a sh--load of screaming, and then the cops pulled up.”
Christian Clark: Pelicans statement on Jaxson Hayes' arrest: “We have been made aware of the incident involving Jaxson Hayes. We are working in conjunction with the NBA and Jaxson’s representatives to gather more information and will have no further comment at this time.”
New Orleans Pelicans center Jaxson Hayes -- the #8 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft -- was arrested after an alleged violent altercation with police, TMZ Sports has learned ... and it apparently got so extreme, the hooper and a cop were taken to a hospital. We're told law enforcement were called to an LA area home for a domestic disturbance early Wednesday morning ... and when cops attempted to check on the parties involved, 21-year-old Hayes tried like hell to keep them from entering the premises.
Sources tell us 6'11", 220-lb. Hayes got combative with cops and a fight broke out ... with the ex-Texas Longhorns star getting tased in the middle of the scuffle. The brawl was allegedly so intense, police put out an "officer needs help" radio call. Hayes was taken to a nearby hospital to get treatment for minor injuries ... and an officer involved in the fight also sought treatment, although their condition is unknown.
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