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October 7, 2022 | 7:51 am EDT Update

Altercation with Draymond Green doesn't affect Jordan Poole extension talks

Does this affect Poole’s contract negotiation? There’s no reason it should. If the Warriors come up with a lucrative enough long-term offer that appeals to Poole, all indications are that he remains willing to sign it and tie himself to the Warriors deep into his mid-20s. Myers said Thursday that he remains in contact with Poole’s representatives. “(The incident) doesn’t change our feelings on it,” Myers said.
Myers opted against announcing the punishment, but there were hints. The general manager said he didn’t anticipate that Green would miss any games, which would rule out a suspension, though, sources indicate, that was at least discussed. If it is a fine, the maximum allowable is $50,000. Green came into the facility and apologized to the team Thursday morning, then departed and missed the Warriors’ practice and scrimmage. “Space is good,” Myers said.

Draymond Green tired of playing against bad teams (like Kings or Thunder)

In a preview for the latest installment of Uninterrupted’s “The Shop,” Green didn’t hold back while talking about the “sorry motherf–kers” he and the Warriors face in the regular season. “It’s not a night that I show up and don’t wanna be a dog,” Green says in the clip, posted Thursday. “Especially if it’s LeBron [James] coming in or a Giannis [Antetokounmpo] coming in cause that’s them games I live for. “It’s the nights I show up, and we playing against the sorry motherf–kers like the Kings. OKC right now. The Kings may get better I hope, but you know, it’s like, how am I supposed to get myself up, with like, this engine, from playing in so many big-time games to playing on this soft Tuesday?”
“We are entering a tunnel and it’s gonna be a dark place for a while, but at the end, it’s going to be light and joy.” Kawhi Leonard pumped the brakes on the Clippers hype train, saying it’s only the beginning of a long journey.

Would you say this is the worst thing about the NBA? Tomas Satoransky: “I think that’s the hardest thing. The truth is that it is a business, something that I never wanted to accept in this sense and confirm it. You always had a passion for basketball, it’s clear that they pay us a lot of money but sometimes it’s too much business and that makes it difficult to build chemistry in the team, which is very important and Spain showed it in the Eurobasket. It is the most difficult especially when you have small children, it has to be really tough for some players”.