Harrison Wind: Michael Porter Jr. after practice today,…

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Michael Singer: Connelly on MPJ contract: “We’re looking to (extend him). Both the team and Michael can’t imagine him being elsewhere. Fingers crossed (it happens soon).” Connelly said he talks with with Bartelstein and Mike often about it. Good q, @Ryan Blackburn.
Michael Singer: Michael Porter Jr.’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, to @denverpost regarding a contract extension: “Tim (Connelly) and I talk all the time, we have a great relationship.” So, yes, talks are ongoing. denverpost.com/2021/09/23/nug…
Entering his fourth season, Porter is extension eligible until the start of the season. He said he talks to his agent Mark Bartelstein daily about updates and is encouraged where talks stand. “Everything is sounding great, in the direction that I’d like to be headed,” Porter said. “Nothing is set in stone, but everything is going smooth as far as that goes. “One thing about Mark – something probably could’ve been done already but Mark is the best in the business,” Porter added. “I told him, ‘Take your time, do your thing. I’m in no rush, I’m in grindmode. I’m not stressed about it. I’m just in the gym, and whenever you’ve got some news for me, hit me up.’”
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