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Tony East: Caris LeVert will get a second opinion on his back shortly, Rick Carlisle says. The hope is that it’s just a “2-3 week” thing, Carlisle adds. LeVert had been experiencing on-and-off discomfort for some time now. The scan that led the Pacers to this point took place yesterday.
Indiana Pacers guard Caris LeVert has a stress fracture in his back, but there's optimism that it could only be a minor setback and he could return sometime around the start of the season, sources told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski on Tuesday.
Tony East: Brogdon, Lamb, Sumner, Turner, and Warren are OUT for the Pacers against the Lakers. Sabonis, LeVert, and A Holiday are questionable. Dudley is OUT for the Lakers. Caruso, Davis, LeBron, McKinnie, and Schroder are questionable. Gasol and Kuzma are probable.
Scott Agness: Caris LeVert (bruised right knee) listed as questionable for tonight. Aaron Holiday (great toe sprain) is questionable and Sumner is out. Pacers’ injury report has 7️⃣ players, including four starters … Bucks’ has just 1️⃣ (Axel Toupane).
After missing seven weeks following right thumb surgery, Brooklyn Nets guard Caris LeVert is expected to return to the lineup against the Toronto Raptors on Saturday, league sources tell ESPN. LeVert, ramping up his workouts lately, will return to a team that has lost four straight -- including 123-111 to Dallas on Thursday -- to drop to 16-17 and in seventh place in the East. Brooklyn has been without two of its best players --LeVert and Kyrie Irving -- for an extended period.
After hurting himself on Nov. 10, LeVert sat out his 23rd straight game Monday in Minnesota, the site of his horrific foot dislocation almost exactly a year to the day earlier. But LeVert worked out before the game and is on the brink of returning to action. “Looked really good, is feeling really good,” coach Kenny Atkinson said. “We’re getting close.”
The Nets were scheduled to fly to Dallas right after Monday’s game in Minnesota. They won’t practice Tuesday, but they have a full practice slated for Wednesday. That workout could be the last step in getting LeVert back out on the court. “We’ll see. That’s a big one,” Atkinson said. “That’ll be more, a bigger five-on-five group. So we’re just getting real close. We want to make sure we check all the boxes and [there are] a lot of boxes to be checked. Personally I don’t want to rush into anything. And I know we need him back but I want this to be a health long-term thing for the rest of the year.”
After doing contact with only coaches on Monday, LeVert said he’s finally done with teammates both on Tuesday and again Thursday morning before Brooklyn hosted the rival Knicks at Barclays Center. That would imply that his long-awaited return is right around the corner. “It feels good to get out there and practice a bit with the guys. They’ve been playing extremely well, so I can’t wait to get out there with them,” said LeVert. “Just getting my legs up under me (is the next step). I was out a month, a month-and-a-half or so – I don’t really know how long it was – but just getting my rhythm, getting my legs back.”
Brian Lewis: Kenny Atkinson on LeVert: "I feel bad for Caris. It’s bad luck, especially with what he went through last year. I feel for him. And obviously it’s a big blow for us; our 2nd-leading scorer, probably our best perimeter defender on that first squad, first unit. Big hit." #Nets #NBA
Kristian Winfield: Lots of love for Caris LeVert in his first game back from injury
Injured Nets guard Caris LeVert had another encouraging workout before Friday’s game in Orlando. But with the NBA All-Star break exactly a month away, coach Kenny Atkinson was noncommittal on whether LeVert might return before then. “I’m not going to speculate,” Atkinson said. “I don’t want to give you something and be wrong. That’s the last thing I want to do. No specific update. “[He’s] progressing. I know he had another great workout [Friday]. That’s as far as my medical background goes, but progressing nicely.”
Brian Lewis: Caris LeVert had another encouraging workout before tonight’s game in Orlando. But with the #NBA All-Star break a month away, Kenny Atkinson was noncommittal on whether LeVert might return before then. #Nets
LeVert, who appeared at the event without the assistance of a walking boot and had sneakers on both feet and walked without a noticeable limp, was notified of the extension while heading for the escalator and reacted with a Carmelo Anthony “oh really?” meme face. After the event, LeVert congratulated Dinwiddie in his Instagram story saying, “Well deserved 100.”
Coach Kenny Atkinson blamed a poor defensive effort but admitted the Nets have a huge void to fill without LeVert, who was a dominant ballhandler and top defender. “It’s a big void,” Atkinson said. “It’s both ends. He and D’Angelo [Russell] were sharing it so well and they had good chemistry. We’re going to have to look at what fits best with each lineup. We started Allen [Crabbe] tonight, but going forward, we have to look. Do we want more ballhandlers in the lineup? Do we want more shooters? The returns tonight weren’t great, so we’re going to have to figure out the lineup.”
Asked if he faces the biggest adjustment of anyone, Russell said, “I’ve played [23] minutes without him. It’s going to take a little bit of time to figure out what we’re going to do. But as of right now, I don’t know, so I’m not really going to speak on what we can do. We’ve just got to figure it out.”
At​ halftime,​ the​ Nets had tears in their eyes​ fearing the​ worst​ for their​ rising​ star,​​ Caris LeVert, after he was carried out on a stretcher to a local Minnesota hospital. Would he be out for the season? Was his career in jeopardy? “Obviously, Kenny was pretty broken down because, whether he wanted to admit it or not, Caris is probably his favorite player,” Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie told The Athletic after serving meals to teenagers at the Julia Richman Educational Complex on Tuesday.
A few hours after losing LeVert and then losing to the Timberwolves 120-113, teammates and staffers, while boarding the flight home, were equally stunned and rejoiced to see their franchise cornerstone headed back to Brooklyn. “We were discussing who was going to stay back with him when they said they could mobilize his leg and he could travel,” one Nets staffer aboard the flight said. “It felt like hope.”
Jeff Stotts: Per Nets PR, Caris LeVert suffered a dislocated talus (ankle) but did NOT suffer any fractures. Ligament damage did occur but will NOT require surgery. This is a massive relief and sets up LeVert for a possible return later in the year.
Gordon Hayward: Best wishes and prayers to @Caris LeVert on a speedy recovery! The journey back is hard, but you’ll be stronger in the end. Please reach out if you need anything!
Greg Logan: It was just one regular-season loss that didn't matter, but you could feel sense of loss & utter devastation in @Brooklyn Nets locker room among players who truly care for @Caris LeVert. @Jared Dudley says he's seen players come back from similar injuries & believes LeVert will.
“That was really difficult to see. Obviously, we’re close-knit, we’re a family,” an emotional Joe Harris said, pausing as he tried to compose himself, searching for words that wouldn’t come. “Just seeing that in person like that, it breaks your heart. It really does. “We were all really torn up about it. Caris has been the heart of our team with the amount of work he’s put in. … His attitude never wavered from the moment he’s gotten in here. He’s been just as good of a person as he is as a ballplayer, an even better person, as a matter of fact. That’s why it really hurts to see that.”
Harris’ eyes were red from crying, and he wasn’t the only one. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson had been openly crying while awaiting a free throw, and when the Nets had gathered at halftime — LeVert’s gruesome injury still fresh, having occurred just 3.7 seconds before the break — the locker room was eerily quiet.
Zach LaVine: Come back stronger dawg! 🙏🏽@CarisLeVert
Nets Daily: From Nets PR Injury Update: Caris LeVert sustained a right leg injury during the second quarter of tonight's game at Minnesota. LeVert is being taken to a local Minneapolis hospital where he will undergo a full evaluation. Further updates will be issued as available.
Chris Paul: Prayers out to @Caris LeVert!!! Been watchin him play this season and I’ve loved every bit of it! Hate to see him get injured 🙏🏾
Caris LeVert suffered an awful ankle injury while attempting a block during the Brooklyn Nets’game against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday night. The Target Center fell silent as LeVert was carried off the floor on a stretcher. The injury is extremely tough to watch, calling to mind Gordon Hayward’s season-ending leg injury in the Celtics’ season opener last year.
Kyle Kuzma: Prayers up for @Caris LeVert ....was killing this year too smh 🙏
CJ Fogler: Damn
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With reports that Jokic’s brothers are going to the Monday match after buying tickets, Heat veteran Udonis Haslem recently issued a stern warning to them. “I have nothing to do with that, man,” Haslem said to the Miami Herald. “We’re going to play a basketball game. “That’s over with. I don’t have nothing to do with that. I keep hearing about the Jokic brothers buying tickets to come to the game. They better stay in line and don’t come down there and start trouble. Miami is my city. It’s my city.”
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Haslem has already expressed his respect for Jokic and a desire to move on from the issue. He reiterated that the Heat will go to play basketball, and that Jokic’s siblings should just enjoy the game and go home afterwards if they do intend to attend. “What the hell you buying tickets for?” Haslem continued. “To come do what? That’s my city. Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing. Come enjoy the game and take your [butts] home. Ain’t nobody messing with your brother. We come to play basketball.”
Curry also seemed fired up to show he can excel on defense, too. After fielding criticism about his defense for most of his 13-year NBA career, Curry impressed the Warriors so much with his six steals, eight deflections and overall hustle that they acknowledged viewing him more as a defensive asset than a liability. “He’s one of the best defenders we have on our team now,” said Warriors forward Draymond Green, who is an early candidate to collect his second Defensive Player of the Year honor this season. “It’s beautiful to watch. When he’s giving the type of effort that he gives on that side of the floor, everyone else has to follow. It makes our defense that much better.”