Marc J. Spears: Knicks sign Brandon Knight.

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Knight’s days as a budding star in this league are long gone. Soon to be 30 years old, the streaky shooter and crafty playmaker has no delusions of grandeur. He shot less than 30% from the field and less than 20% from three-point range in four Summer League games. That won’t cut it, at least not for a player getting extended minutes on a competitive team. But it’s more than just the shooting percentages, now. It’s more than minutes on the floor, or a position of authority on a roster. “I’ll do whatever man. I’m at a point in my career where I just want to serve,” Knight said after his final Summer League game. “If a team brings me in and they want me to bring water, tie a shoe, whatever it is, man. I’m a humble guy, and I understand the importance of roles.”
Brandon Knight: “The narrative of my knees, that I’m not healthy, that’s not right. So for me, the narrative is just to show that I’m healthy. I’m ready to play. And I’m here. Most importantly, I’m here to serve these young guys. Summer league is not about me. … My goal is to serve to serve these young guys, give them wisdom, and try to help them and be a servant in any place that I can be.”
Brandon Knight is at the NBA Summer League with the Nets, trying show his knees are sound and state his case to general manager Sean Marks. “That’s the main narrative. And I got an opportunity to come and play. I haven’t played, so anytime I get a chance to be on the court in this environment, I want a team that’s interested. It’s a blessing,” Knight told The Post. “Sean, thanks for the opportunity, for the chance to be able to showcase myself and represent them. And then also on top of that, taking note of my knee.”
“Yeah, man, [I’m] 100 percent good to go,” Knight said. “So, like I said, for me, the main thing that I want to get across is just to change the narrative or my knee, because I know I can still play. And for me to go to come out and lead and really just get to know these guys and be a part of the team. I’m trying to serve these guys, staff, the team, the young guys. If I’ve got nine years, and one of these players don’t get a gem for me, that’s a problem for me.”
Marc J. Spears: Ex-Bucks guard Brandon Knight worked out with the Bucks on Saturday, source told @TheUndefeated. The eight-year veteran guard has overcome knee issues and regained explosiveness. The Bucks saw Knight workout in Miami earlier this year and are considering a guard for open spot.
Knight, whom the Milwaukee Bucks traded to the Phoenix Suns in February in a multiple-team deal, appears on the brink of signing a lucrative long-term contract to remain with the Suns. I’ve been told by an NBA official that Knight, who’ll become a restricted free agent on July 1, will sign a five-year, $70 million contract with the Suns. Knight, who is 23, was enjoying an All-Star caliber season – 17.8 points and 5.4 assists -- before the Bucks surprisingly sent him to the Suns. He then played 11 games for the Suns, averaging 13.4 and 4.5 assists. After suffering an ankle injury March 9, Knight missed 16 of the Suns’ final 17 games. He underwent minor arthroscopic surgery on his left ankle in April.
The Suns were in this situation with Bledsoe a year ago and it dragged out the entire summer before he signed a five-year, $70 million deal. The Suns will be more proactive and are working with a more communicative client. "He's a guy who made a good impression on us," McDonough said of Knight. "He didn't play as much as we'd like because of the injury but, at 23 years old, it's amazing how young he is given he's been in the league four years and was a borderline All-Star last year for Milwaukee. He's certainly one of our top priorities, if not the top priority. We want a quick process with all of our guys, him included. We've got good vibes from him about his time in Phoenix. I imagine he will be one of the first guys we call, if not the first."
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