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“FIBA confirms that, following an invitation to the President and CEO of Euroleague Basketball, but also to the shareholders of ECA, a meeting was held in mid-September to discuss the unification of European Basketball. As a key factor in the development of basketball and given that it’s a longtime partner of FIBA, the NBA was also invited and participated in the meeting. After the end of the discussion, all parties agreed to meet again in the coming months.”
MARCA has learned that the NBA and FIBA are well on course to create this league and negotiations are right on track. A quick explanation means that Fenerbahce isn't immediately going to play against the Los Angeles Lakers, but it will see control of the brand pass to the NBA, which is likely to then see a number of teams work with their European counterparts and form development partnerships.
Prudence is now the main concern for the project, they want to take the right steps and avoid the PR calamity that came with European football's attempts at forming a Super League. It would be the largest competitive basketball project created in decades and Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, has already sent a letter to Bertomeu expressing his intention to form this new league.
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June 30, 2022 | 6:44 am EDT Update

There's mutual interest between Malik Monk, Kings

There’s mutual interest between Malik Monk and the Sacramento Kings, per @JakeLFischer h/t @TheSteinLine (Spotify Live) #NBATwitter

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Kyrie Irving saga not over?

“When Kyrie announced he was opting in, I was like ‘okay, we can move on. This won’t be a thing,’ said Windhorst. “But that’s not what my phone was telling me. That’s not what the executives were telling me. That’s not what the agents were telling me. They are saying this ain’t over, because the Nets made it clear to everybody they did not want the status quo. If nothing else changed, they were not going to be happy. They were not sure if that this satisfied that situation.