KC Johnson: Thibodeau on Noah: "I’m just thrilled tha…

KC Johnson: Thibodeau on Noah: “I’m just thrilled that Jerry and Michael (Reinsdorf) are recognizing him for what he did. And it’s great to see Joakim’s mother and father, his family. And just seeing where he is. He’s totally at peace. And he should be. He gave everything he had to the game”

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Today the Chicago Bulls named Joakim Noah a new Bulls Ambassador, and tonight the team will bring together many of his former teammates, friends and family members to celebrate his incredible playing career.
"I'm truly humbled to be honored by both the team and city that I have always loved and respected," said Noah. "Even more so to be able to celebrate tonight with family, friends, former players and coaches, and most of all – the Bulls fans who helped drive my energy throughout my years in a Bulls uniform at the United Center. It means so much to me that I'm now a Bull for life. I love you all and am thrilled tonight to solidify my continued connection with the Bulls and the city of Chicago, in this new chapter of my life."
As an ambassador, Noah will work with the organization to build relationships with people throughout Chicago and across Bulls Nation. As part of the team's commitment to Noah and his work in the community, the Bulls will make an annual donation to his charity, the Noah's Arc Foundation.
KC Johnson: Joakim Noah is at Bulls-Jazz, sitting with John Paxson and Michael Reinsdorf in the owner’s suite. Noah, who has plans to sign a one-day deal to retire as a Bull, is in town for several reasons, including planning talks for his foundation @NoahsArcFdn
Shams Charania: 13-year NBA center Joakim Noah — a two-time All-Star and former Defensive Player of the Year winner — is effectively retiring from basketball, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. Plan is for the longtime Chicago star to eventually retire as a Bull.
Andrew Greif: Joakim Noah has been waived by the Clippers with the expectation that he’ll be retiring from the NBA, league sources confirm to @Brad Turner and me. His contract was set to guarantee on Dec. 22. Brief Clips tenure, but a long NBA career.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Clippers are waiving center Joakim Noah -- and his agent, Bill Duffy of @BDA Sports, tells ESPN that Noah is “likely headed toward retirement.” One of his era’s most ferocious competitors, Noah played 13 seasons, made two All-Star games and was a 3-time All-Defensive team choice.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Bill Duffy on Noah: “What an illustrious career for Joakim, starting with two national titles at the University of Florida, to becoming an NBA Defensive Player of the Year and ultimately evolving into one of the most passionate, spirited players to ever come through our sport. It’s been my honor to represent Joakim through his journey.”
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June 25, 2022 | 6:51 am EDT Update

Teams already preparing in case Kevin Durant becomes available?

But whatever the case, teams are reportedly making preparations for the Nets star potentially being available in the coming days. That’s according to ESPN insider Zach Lowe on a post-NBA draft episode of his Lowe Post podcast: “I can tell you this. This is what teams are doing. Teams are already operating under, not the assumption, but ‘we need to prepare for the contingency that Kevin Durant is available via trade in six days or seven days.’ … The whole league is now.”
Rumors have it that if Irving ends up leaving the Nets, Durant could also ask out. For Windhorst, trying to trade for KD after the Irving situation blew up would be something the Heat could do. “The godfather move is not to trade for Kyrie Irving. The godfather move is to let the Kyrie Irving situation to blow up and then wait for Kevin Durant to say he wants out of there. That’s the Miami Heat move,” Windhorst said on ESPN’s Get Up.

Kyrie Irving x Nets situation 'getting acrimonious'

Woj also said that while Irving has given the Nets six NBA destinations he’d prefer if there’s no agreement, there is limited interest in him at max money. The ESPN insider said the only team with any real interest is the Lakers. Still, he argued, getting Irving a contract paying more than $6.3 million — the taxpayers MLE — seems unlikely. “This is getting acrimonious,” Woj told a panel on ESPN’s NBA analysts. “and I think that’s the concern when you look at not only Kyrie’s future in Brooklyn, but also Kevin Durant’s future and whether they can hold this thing together.”
Woj also was clear that with some of Irving’s six landing spots, not all of them reciprocate. “The interest isn’t mutual in several of these places,” Woj said. “Obviously the Lakers are the ones that loom. And will Kyrie Irving walk away from a $36.9 million player option that he can opt into and have that money guaranteed, especially after a year where he lost about $17 million by not being vaccinated last year and untold more with a sneaker deal that isn’t going to be there anymore, certainly at the level it was.”
Several teams have already been linked to a potential swoop on Kyrie if his contract negotiations with the Nets continue to deteriorate. Be that as it may, NBA analyst Chris Broussard believes that Irving’s options aren’t actually as vast as some might think: “Half of these teams don’t even want Kyrie,” Broussard said on First Things First. “I was texting with someone that works for one of these teams yesterday, ‘You want Kyrie?’ ‘No!’ It was the fastest return text I’ve ever got. And then, ‘What do you think of his wish list?’ ‘Tomfoolery & wishful thinking.’ That was the answer.”