Wilkens took pride in his defense and said he drew the …

Wilkens took pride in his defense and said he drew the assignment of guarding the likes of Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, Jerry Sloan and Walt Frazier — the opponent’s top guard. The NBA didn’t start tracking steals until 1973 when, at 36, Wilkens still managed 1.3 swipes per game for the Cavs. “I think that I would have led the league in steals if they had been keeping track early on,” Wilkens said. “I was a better player than a lot of people realize. I think that I contributed to the game. “When I was a player, I think that I worked hard at being as good as I could be. When I was a coach, it was the same thing. Each has its own reward, so to speak.”
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December 3, 2022 | 8:06 pm EST Update
But Jalen Brunson, probably the best player on the team this season, doesn’t believe disasters like Saturday’s 121-100 loss should fall on Tom Thibodeau. “Coach Thibs has done a great job,” Brunson said. “He’s been able to put us in positions where we need to succeed. I think he knows where to put those puzzle pieces. It’s just on us to actually execute and do things. So it’s just — I know he’s going to get a lot of the blame, guys are going to get some of the blame. It’s on us. We’re the players out there not battling. It’s his job to put us in positions which he’s done.”
Law Murray: Asked Tyronn Lue about managing the messaging surrounding Clippers injuries, specifically Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. “You’re not going to sit out 8-9 games in a row because you want to sit out… they’re hurt, and they’re doing everything they can to get back.” pic.twitter.com/YQiGIA97Se

December 3, 2022 | 7:01 pm EST Update