Livingston would love to do anti-gambling motivational …

Livingston would love to do anti-gambling motivational speaking for NBA teams and also during the annual NBA Rookie Transition Camp. He would also be willing to be a liaison for NBA players to get them help as well for gambling. “The first place they take the rookies is to Las Vegas for summer league. Hopefully, I can talk to them in Vegas or at the rookie symposium,” Livingston said. “When teams come to New Orleans to play the Pelicans, I’d like to come in and share my testimony and to [tell you] how get help if you have a problem, especially if you don’t want to tell the coach or be public with it. You can just say, ‘Randy,’ or pull me to the side, and I can lead you into the right direction with it …
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June 26, 2022 | 4:04 pm EDT Update

Facundo Campazzo prioritizing to continue his career in the NBA over return to Europe

TeamFacu: Facundo Campazzo, in case doubts persisted: “My first, second and third priority is to continue in the NBA. For now, I don’t have it in my head to return to Europe. It’s obvious that at some point a return to Europe will happen, but not right now. I have it very clear: I want to try again, with whichever NBA franchise, to try again.”
June 26, 2022 | 3:50 pm EDT Update

John Wall buyout getting more likely with Lakers, Heat, Clippers interested

Yet rumbles have finally begun to circulate about John Wall resurfacing as an active player next season. This week marked the first time in some time that I heard serious murmurs about Wall successfully negotiating a buyout with the Rockets after his season on the sidelines — provided Houston remains unable to find a trade partner on a Wall deal.
It is still unclear, with Wall presumed to be essentially untradeable when he’s due $47.4 million next season, how much of that salary he would have to surrender in buyout talks to convince the Rockets to let him become a free agent. The latest Wall-related scuttle does, however, suggest that a pathway for the sides to get there is at last materializing.
Interest in Wall from the Clippers and Heat, if he can finally make his way onto the open market, has been mentioned for months. I’ve likewise been advised that the Lakers — resistant as they remain to trading Russell Westbrook to Houston for Wall by attaching draft capital as a sweetener for the Rockets — would consider Wall as a candidate for the roster if he is suddenly available via the buyout market.