Reggie Miller: Isaiah Stewart catapulted himself into t…

Reggie Miller: Isaiah Stewart catapulted himself into the Charles Oakley, Buck Williams, Dale n Antonio Davis conversation of dudes you NEVER want to mess with. However long Isaiah plays in this league, dudes will walk on eggshells around him. That’s GREAT news for Piston fans..

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Rod Beard: When #Pistons Isaiah Stewart was charging toward LeBron James, it was Cade Cunningham who tried three times to put himself between Stewart and James. I asked him what he was thinking. His response: "I'm trying to stop him from maybe getting into trouble ... I don't know."
Davis was surprised by the retaliatory measures attempted by the Pistons' second-year center, who required five stitches after the game. "I don't know what he was trying to do," Davis said. "But I know nobody on our team, 1 through 15, was having it. We're going to protect our brother. I've never, in 10 years, seen a player try to do that as long as I've been playing. ... It's uncalled for. You got a cut above your eye, accidental-like, it wasn't on purpose. And we weren't going to allow him to keep charging our brother like that. I don't know what he was trying to do, but we wasn't going to allow that."
The PA announcers in Detroit were forced to take action too, constantly reminding fans to stay in their seats while also imploring them to not throw any objects at James when he was ejected and headed up the tunnel. “Fans stay in your seats, do not come onto the floor,” he said. “Do not enter the floor. All fans stay in your seats. Do not come onto the floor and do not throw any objects. Don’t do it or you will be nabbed and sent to jail. Stay where you are.”
Rod Beard: #Pistons Dwane Casey on Isaiah Stewart incident: "He shouldn't be facing anything. Not getting off the court in time (is a small thing)...I don't see any ramifications from the league on that."
Kyle Goon: Anthony Davis: "We're not promoting violence. I'm not promoting violence. Our security and their security did a hell of a job." Points to his security guard as he leaves the press conference room for the shoutout.
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