To the extent that the Suns players have said anything …

To the extent that the Suns players have said anything about Sarver in light of ESPN’s report, they have only said they hadn’t witnessed any of the alleged behavior in their time here. Booker is Phoenix’ longest-tenured player, in his seventh season on the Suns. But it was made clear Wednesday what Suns players had read and heard about the team owner bothered them. “They know the door was open for them to come talk to me about anything if they needed to, and we did — there were private conversations,” Williams said. “We’ve said wins and losses and nothing will affect our culture. That’s how we approach it. That doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of the allegations and all of that stuff, but we just kept it moving as far as our culture, but we also were aware that there was some serious business being handled, and the league was going to take care of it.”
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November 30, 2021 | 1:12 pm EST Update
“It’s nice that those guys are coming out. It just shows the type of organization that this is,” rookie Joe Wieskamp said. “You have two of your better players, they just had a game last night, played their hearts out, and fought back to get that win, and then they come up to Austin tonight to watch us play.” Unfortunately, Austin picked up a 108-78 loss in front of the former Austin guards but the San Antonio rookies did well. Wieskamp finished with 14 points and six rebounds while Josh Primo led Austin with a team-high 18 points and six assists.
Following the end of the game, Murray and White went above and beyond. Rather than exiting the arena for the drive back to San Antonio, they went into the Austin locker room to speak with the players to give them words of advice. “They came into the locker room and said ‘hi’ to us,” Wieskamp said. “Basically, it’s just a journey. Play together and things will work out.”
November 30, 2021 | 12:56 pm EST Update