Shooting comes at a premium price in the NBA, yet the B…

Shooting comes at a premium price in the NBA, yet the Bucks have Grayson Allen, Pat Connaughton, and Donte DiVincenzo on the payroll for less combined money ($14.1 million) than what Joe Harris ($17.4 million) and Duncan Robinson ($15.6 million) make individually for this season. Allen in particular has been excellent in his first season in Milwaukee after being acquired for pennies from Memphis this summer. With DiVincenzo still recovering from ankle surgery, Allen is taking full advantage of opportunities, and it’d be a surprise if he loses his spot in the starting five when DiVincenzo returns. Through 21 games, Allen is making 42.4 percent of his 7.5 attempts per game from 3. But unlike shooting specialists such as Robinson and Harris, the Bucks don’t have Allen fly around screens or sprint through handoffs then stop on a dime to launch 3-pointers. Instead, he gets open with subtle repositioning on the court to create massive passing windows. Or, he’ll set on-ball screens for Giannis Antetokounmpo and pop to a vacant space on the floor.
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