Tenacity is what separated Reed. It never mattered to h…

Tenacity is what separated Reed. It never mattered to him who stood in front of him. He gave every ounce he had. “If you played Willis one-on-one, he would pulverize you,” Frazier said. “If you played me, I’d carry you. I would be like Ali. I’d carry you for a while, let you stay in. Willis would just crush you. He’d be dunking on you and everything. This is the way this guy was, man. He took no prisoners. “I remember playing games with him, and he’d get so mad he’d almost squeeze the air out of the ball if he’s losing. I’d think, ‘This guy is crazy, man. It’s a pick-up game.’ But that’s how he approached the game, all business.”
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May 28, 2022 | 6:13 pm EDT Update
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Erik Spoelstra on Tyler Herro's injury status: It's a wait-and-see thing

Brady Hawk: Erik Spoelstra on Tyler Herro’s injury status: “He’s doing rest and treatment today. He won’t do any court work or anything today.” “We’ll see him in the morning. See the progress he’s made.” Says it’s a wait and see thing
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