He said he wanted to lock up Eric Bledsoe and Reggie Ja…

He said he wanted to lock up Eric Bledsoe and Reggie Jackson, who had lit the Wolves up multiple times this season. Beverley casually tossed out “had five points” when looking at Jackson’s stat line. Beverley himself finished with 11 points and 12 assists. That latter statistic was important to him, and it wasn’t an accident. He said the Clippers told him they wanted someone who was more of a playmaker with the ball in his hands, and that’s one reason why they traded him to Minnesota. Those 12 assists were his statement that they misjudged him. “I have a coach [Chris Finch] that trusts me, a coach that trusts me with the ball,” Beverley said. “Obviously, he’s been knowing me for a long time, since I’ve been with the Rockets. He knows my abilities, my cans … He just trusts me with the ball and I’ve been trying to make the right decision.
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May 28, 2022 | 5:48 am EDT Update

Thunder to trade Vasilije Micic's rights?

Donatas Urbonas on Vasilije Micic: At least for now, there’s a feeling that he’s leaning towards the NBA. But it’s not about OKC, there is no place for Micic in OKC, or at least the place where Micic would be happy about the role he thinks about playing NBA. So his agent is working for making a trade for him. So if Micic is going to the NBA, it’s probably the most likely that there’s some other team which will trade for him.
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Udonis Haslem: Draymond Green broke the code

Green made the remark on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” postgame show Thursday night following the Warriors defeating the Dallas Mavericks in five games. “Draymond broke the code,” Haslem told Yahoo Sports after the Heat’s 111-103 victory. “You ain’t supposed to say some s*** like that. That’s disrespectful. He know better than that.”
Reporter: “How you describe Jimmy’s game?” Kyle Lowry: “It’s f***ing incredible! My bad, my bad. Don’t fine me NBA, that was really by mistake, I promise.” Jimmy Butler: “Fine him, fine him. Y’all fine me all the time.”

The Celtics, so celebrated for their defense, made it easy for him. They mishandled the assignment, leaving Butler with a clear path to the hoop, and he pounced, driving for a layup and absorbing contact for good measure. It was a winning play that broke a tie game, along with the Celtics’ resolve. “His competitive will is as high as anybody that has played this game,” Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra said.