However, Bradley and his medical team still aspire to o…

However, Bradley and his medical team still aspire to one day have him move from a chair to his bed and back without assistance. “That’s something we all think is possible,” he said. “We’re not there yet—but we’re getting there.”

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Bradley told SI that last January, just before exiting a roundabout near his home in St. George, Utah, he was struck by a Dodge minivan, whose driver was “hustling to pick up her child from school,” in the words of the story's writer Brian Burnsed. Writes Burnsed of the crash: "Bradley tumbled over the trunk and the driver’s side of the Saturn, and he landed headfirst on the asphalt, his helmet cracking under his 300-odd pounds. Police say the driver continued on but returned to the scene later. Never charged with a crime, she says she gave Bradley enough room when passing him.) Confused but conscious after the spill, splayed on the ground and gazing up at a crystalline sky, Bradley says he went through a mental checklist. He couldn’t move his arms or his legs. He couldn’t sit up. He had no control over his breathing, which soon grew labored. Only his eyes heeded his commands. Am I going to suffocate? he asked himself. Am I going to die slowly?"
Bradley now uses a wheelchair that weighs 500 pounds, took three months to engineer and “costs more than most cars,” he said. Along with his wife, Carrie, and her three children, his family relies on a new $120,000 cargo van, which has a lift to allow him to enter the vehicle. At home, he has a custom-made shower chair and needs assistance from a caregiver to exit his bed and ready for the day. “People that I’m very close with, the first time they see me, it’s emotional,” Bradley said. “It’s extremely draining.”
Now, though, his height is his primary hindrance. Already facing the most trying of circumstances, Bradley will see every task made doubly demanding by his stature. His accident presents a challenge without precedent in modern medical history, and the totality of it all will tax his mental health, as well as that of the people who love him, particularly the relentlessly positive wife onto whose shoulders have fallen extraordinary responsibility. Before Finley left, Bradley savored a goodbye hug. “It’s hard for me to let them see me like this,” he said afterward, choking back tears. “It’s the challenge of remembering what once was . . . and knowing it’ll never be the same.”
Former NBA center Shawn Bradley was riding his bicycle when he was hit by a moving vehicle forcing him to collide with a parked car on the shoulder of the road, according to St. George, Utah police officer’s report of the traffic crash. The crash, which happened in the afternoon on Jan. 20, left Bradley paralyzed. In a statement released by the Dallas Mavericks last week, the 7-foot-6 Bradley said the crash happened a block from his home.
The driver of moving vehicle, a Dodge van, told police she saw the cyclist and passed Bradley at about 10 mph and gave “the cyclist plenty of room putting their driver side tire between the two yellow sets (of) double lines,” according to the report. “V1 driver looked into their rear view mirror as they passed V2 (a Saturn) and saw the cyclist flipping through the air and landed on their back,” the report said.
Bradley did not recall what happened later that day at the hospital, but police followed up with Bradley the following day at the hospital and he told police he saw “V2 parked on the road and was in the process of passing it when V1 made contact with him and sent him into V2,” the report said. The passenger of the Saturn later told police over the phone that “it appeared the impact of the bicyclist had occurred at approximately the same time as V1 passing V2,” the report said.
Police obtained GPS information on Bradley’s ride path and it indicated Bradley was never going faster than 14 mph on the road where the crash happened and that he was traveling a low speed at the time of the collision, according to the report. Bradley, who turned 49 on Monday, was riding a custom-made Trek Project One bike.
“Bradley asked to convey his deep appreciation for the outpouring of well wishes and prayers he has received from family, friends and fans. Their support has energized his recovery and bolstered his confidence that he will manage the long process ahead successfully. He does not plan to issue further public updates, preferring to devote his full concentration on his rehabilitation.”
Laura Albanese: Nash, who played with Shawn Bradley with the Mavs for six years, said he only learned about the accident a few hours ago. “It’s obviously heartbreaking...he’s a fun-loving guy...and I hope he remains positive and has a lot of support.”
Avery johnson: Prayers for Shawn Bradley. A great family man, former teammate and played for us with the @dallasmavs Hoping for a speedy recovery.
Mirjam Swanson: Ty Lue opens his pregame presser: "Thoughts and prayers to Shawn Bradley and his family. Tough day for him and his family, so my condolences to him and his family."
Malika Andrews: Steve Nash on his former teammate Shawn Bradley: “It’s obviously heartbreaking to hear. He is a fun-loving guy... I hope he remains positive and has a lot of support and continues to fight and find some comfort and hopefully to improve and get as much function back as he can.”
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