Teammates saw how Havlicek fit in seamlessly to the Cel…

Teammates saw how Havlicek fit in seamlessly to the Celtics tradition from the start, working and working until he sprung free. They saw how he grew into one of the best all-around players ever. Havlicek could slide from the guard spot to the forward position. He could handle all types of defensive assignments. He starred as a sixth man, becoming synonymous with that role, before stepping into the starting lineup and handling whatever else the Celtics needed. He wasn’t highly regarded as a shooter early in his career but left the NBA in second place on the all-time career playoff scoring list. Havlicek has since dropped to 13th on that list but still leads the Celtics in all-time points scored with 26,395. “And he was a very good defender,” Cowens said. “I mean, John was not a slouch. He liked to beat up on people. He was very physical, but he was slick about it. He wasn’t like me just going out there and beating on people. He was slick about it with the holding and the grabbing and the different things.”
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