Marc Stein on Lakers: They obviously would love to make…

Marc Stein on Lakers: They obviously would love to make some kind of upgrade. As somebody put it to me this week, the Lakers are not a stay-the-course team when things are going bad. They want to make changes. But look, we all know the reality, they’ve got limited assets. They’ve got THT, they’ve got Nunn, they’ve got a draft pick that’s five years away. That’s really that. That’s really all they can do. So, will they try to do something? I’m sure they will.
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May 25, 2022 | 11:21 am EDT Update
SI: Not to kick this off by asking a weird question, but how does your body feel right now? You’ve taken as much punishment in this playoff run as any player that I can remember since I started covering the league. Have you ever felt like you do right now, playing basketball? Grant Williams: Definitely not. But hey, this is what the playoffs and everything is about, right? It’s my role to deal with. It’s something you embrace, and I feel like it’s just even more fun because it’s something that I feel is unique and I don’t see many guys that can do the same things that I do.