Understandable anguish persists. In her deposition test…

Understandable anguish persists. In her deposition testimony in October, Miller asked her if she still was seeing her previous therapist. “I have stopped,” she replied, according to the partial transcript filed last week. “I don’t like – I don’t have the ability to talk to him because it puts me in a difficult space and I need to – I don’t want to bring those feelings up to surface.” She also said she didn’t start seeing another therapist because “I don’t like talking about everything that happened. I internalize a lot.”
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May 23, 2022 | 6:00 am EDT Update

Luka Doncic on Andrew Wiggins' dunk: 'That was impressive, I'm not gonna lie'

Wiggins doesn’t know where that dunk ranks in his collection, but Stephen Curry said it’s the best he has ever seen from his teammate. Klay Thompson said Wiggins looked like Dominique Wilkins. “That was impressive, I’m not going to lie,” Doncic said of the poster. “I saw the video again, and I was like, ooh. That was pretty incredible. I wish I had those bunnies.”