But Oakley was hopeful about clearing the air in New Or…

But Oakley was hopeful about clearing the air in New Orleans. Instead, Dolan refused Oakley’s handshake and wouldn’t look up, according to the book. “You would have thought I did something to his wife. Sh–, Latrell Sprewell, who played five seasons with the Knicks, cursed at Dolan in front of Dolan’s wife when he returned to face the Knicks back in 2003, and they still became friends,” Oakley wrote. “I didn’t do anything to this man. What did I ever say that was so bad that he would ignore me like that? I wondered. Man, I wanted to hit him in the head.”

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Oakley said his top priority is clearing his record of the three counts of misdemeanor assault in the third degree he received as a result of the incident with Madison Square Garden security early in the Feb. 8 Knicks game. His first court appearance is April 11.“ That’s the most important thing right now, getting the assault cases off my record, whatever I can do to make that happen on April the 11th,” Oakley said. “Ain’t nothing has changed since then. I still have the assault cases even though somebody touched me first. I don’t know why I got them. But the paper says I have to go court.”
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January 28, 2023 | 9:39 pm EST Update

Tom Thibodeau feels no pressure with James Dolan expectations

On the heels of James Dolan publicly declaring his playoff expectations for this season, Knicks’ coach Tom Thibodeau said he doesn’t feel pressure to reach the owner’s goal. “I never feel pressure because I know what I put into each day,” Thibodeau said. “I think anybody who puts everything they have into each day, you never feel pressure.” Dolan told WFAN on Friday that he “fully expects” the Knicks to reach the playoffs and “that will definitely be a benchmark.” Left unsaid was what would occur if the Knicks fail, but coaches are often the first on the chopping block when an owner is displeased.
January 28, 2023 | 8:32 pm EST Update
“As I’ve gone through free agency this time around, of course I’m thinking of where I can compete for my third championship, but the words home and family are what I kept coming back to … I need to be there for my daughter, for my son, for my wife,” Parker posted. “I can’t be without them for parts of the season when Lailaa is in school and I won’t miss her volleyball games or school dances simply because of distance. Lailaa starts high school in August and I need to be there for her, just as she’s been there for me. “After evaluating the landscape together with my family, we’ve decided the Las Vegas Aces are the right organization for us at this point in our lives.”