Scotto: There has been a lot of smoke around the Knicks…

Scotto: There has been a lot of smoke around the Knicks and Jalen Brunson looking ahead towards the summer. NBA executives I’ve spoken to around the league are split as to whether the rumblings about the Knicks having interest in him will ultimately come to fruition or if they’re being used as a leverage play to try to get him more money and boost his market going into this summer. He certainly has plenty of ties to Leon Rose, who represented his dad, Rick Brunson. The Pistons have members of their front office who like Brunson. Mitchell Robinson is another name the Pistons are monitoring looking ahead to free agency, I’ve heard as well.
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July 3, 2022 | 4:34 am EDT Update

Raptors feel they can put together the best trade package for Kevin Durant

There’s an increasing possibility we’re going to find out. On top of ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reporting Friday that the Raptors are ‘lurking’ in the background of the Kevin Durant trade discussions that have held the NBA hostage in recent days, I can confirm that not only are the Raptors ‘lurking,’ but they also feel they can put together the best package of assets the Brooklyn Nets are likely to get.
Nate Randle: An open letter to Rudy Gobert: You are the most respectful and considerate athlete I have ever had the pleasure of working with. As a former Utah Jazz employee and fan, you will be missed. I have spent 15+ years of my career in sports and have seen it all. Most don’t carry themselves as you do. When we launched the #TakeNote campaign, you were the first player to adopt it. When I said thanks for tweeting it, you sincerely asked me to tell the entire marketing team how much you loved it.