Michael Jordan: Share of the vote: 73.85 percent of the…

Michael Jordan: Share of the vote: 73.85 percent of the maximum amount possible Almost half of the voters in our poll (25) voted Michael Jordan No. 1 on their ballots. No other player got more than five first-place votes. MJ really ran the table here, and how can you argue with that? His on-court accomplishments are unimpeachable, as is the cultural impact. He was, after all, the most famous person on the planet for a while, turning millions into basketball fans across the globe. “He just made the game look so fun and painted an amazing picture with the way he played,” one former NBA player who played for Jordan told HoopsHype. “Off the court, seeing how he carried himself. He showed the business side from a branding standpoint that was unreal. His logo speaks for itself, and he ran the basketball operations of the Wizards and played while doing it.”
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July 6, 2022 | 8:35 pm EDT Update

Relationship with De'Aaron Fox a key factor in Malik Monk's decision to sign with Kings

Sacramento agreed to terms on a two-year, $19 million contract with Monk as soon as free agency began at 3 p.m. Thursday. The deal cannot be finalized until the moratorium ends July 6, but reunion plans between former Kentucky teammates are already underway. Sources with knowledge of the situation described Monk and Fox as “brothers,” saying their relationship was a key factor in Monk’s decision to sign with Sacramento.
July 6, 2022 | 7:48 pm EDT Update

Tim Connelly on Rudy Gobert trade: He had no shortage of suitors

Dane Moore: Tim Connelly said Rudy Gobert had “no shortage of suitors” and that the Wolves had a “pretty good sense of the market” it would take to land him. But Connelly also said Utah was “maybe the biggest competitor” — because “this was not a fire-sale” for the Jazz.