However, a look at non-box score informed metrics like …

However, a look at non-box score informed metrics like RAPM, suggests the possibility of some diminution in his impact. Gobert has finished in the top 20 in Luck Adjusted DRAPM (which attempts to rectify shooting variance by smoothing out variations in opposing free throw and 3-point shooting upon which teams, let alone individuals, generally don’t have much impact) in each of the seven seasons prior to this one, including five seasons in the top six. He sits 36th today. The result could plausibly be the result of variance or statistical noise, but it just as likely suggests he hasn’t been quite as good.
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Relationship with De'Aaron Fox a key factor in Malik Monk's decision to sign with Kings

Sacramento agreed to terms on a two-year, $19 million contract with Monk as soon as free agency began at 3 p.m. Thursday. The deal cannot be finalized until the moratorium ends July 6, but reunion plans between former Kentucky teammates are already underway. Sources with knowledge of the situation described Monk and Fox as “brothers,” saying their relationship was a key factor in Monk’s decision to sign with Sacramento.