The NBA has wanted to join forces with the governing bo…

The NBA has wanted to join forces with the governing bodies of European basketball for a long time, especially with the EuroLeague. The organization has been exploring the idea of investing in a current basketball product for several years now. According to BasketNews sources, the NBA gave its European organization a task to evaluate the EuroLeague product as a possible investment opportunity.

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New winds are starting to blow in the European basketball world. The NBA has been actively researching the market for quite some time, but it's starting to be much more than that now. FIBA has already shown an initiative to sit behind the negotiation table with the EuroLeague while the NBA representatives are watching the situation. The NBA is believed to be the power that finally puts the conflict to bed. FIBA has contacted NBA commissioner Adam Silver regarding the opportunity, and the league's leader has reacted affirmatively. The EuroLeague did not disregard the invitation as well.
NBA vice-president of NBA Europe Jesus Bueno: When we look at Europe, a continent where I was born and raised and played in the ACB, we see tremendous basketball culture. Europe has a strong fanbase, and the basketball level is really high here. We want to openly look at how we can benefit the current ecosystem so that it improves even more. We are ready to negotiate with anybody, whether it's FIBA, EuroLeague, EuroLeague clubs, or representatives from national federations, and find out if we can be beneficial. We are already operating at a ground level, and we're communicating with more than 28 federations in hopes of developing basketball not only in Europe. We have launched more than 100 Jr. NBA leagues.
The National Basketball Association said Friday that it had begun negotiations with world basketball body FIBA and the EuroLeague about unifying the game in Europe. The organization of basketball in Europe fractured in 2000 amid arguments over TV rights. "As part of our ongoing collaboration with both stakeholders, we recently were invited to engage in discussions about how we can work together to grow basketball in Europe. We look forward to participating in subsequent conversations moving forward," NBA spokesman Mike Bass said.
“FIBA confirms that, following an invitation to the President and CEO of Euroleague Basketball, but also to the shareholders of ECA, a meeting was held in mid-September to discuss the unification of European Basketball. As a key factor in the development of basketball and given that it’s a longtime partner of FIBA, the NBA was also invited and participated in the meeting. After the end of the discussion, all parties agreed to meet again in the coming months.”
MARCA has learned that the NBA and FIBA are well on course to create this league and negotiations are right on track. A quick explanation means that Fenerbahce isn't immediately going to play against the Los Angeles Lakers, but it will see control of the brand pass to the NBA, which is likely to then see a number of teams work with their European counterparts and form development partnerships.
Prudence is now the main concern for the project, they want to take the right steps and avoid the PR calamity that came with European football's attempts at forming a Super League. It would be the largest competitive basketball project created in decades and Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, has already sent a letter to Bertomeu expressing his intention to form this new league.
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June 28, 2022 | 9:57 am EDT Update

Nerlens Noel to Clippers?

The New York Knicks have had exploratory discussions on trading center Nerlens Noel to the Los Angeles Clippers, league sources told HoopsHype. Noel could fit into the Clippers’ $9.7 million trade exception previously generated by the Serge Ibaka trade. The Knicks have a surplus of draft pick compensation (22 picks total over the next seven years) to dangle.
This would seem to end the Irving drama for the Nets, at least for now, but ESPN’s Brian Windhorst says people around the NBA are skeptical. On the latest episode of The Hoop Collective pod, Windy revealed what he has been hearing on this situation after Kyrie’s decision (h/t RealGM): “I think it turned down the heat in at least kept the Nets with two star players, with all of their options for next year alive,” said Brian Windhorst. “And, boy, was that not what some people, agents and executives thought. They don’t think this is over. “Now, Kyrie tried to make it sound like it was over. ‘I’ll see you in the fall’ sounds like it’s over.”
Something important to consider is that Irving’s stature around the league should improve from its current state if he can stay healthy in 2022-23. After all, the seven-time All-Star tied a career-high with 27.4 points per game in just 29 contests last season and did so at roughly the same efficiency as the rest of his career. Anything close to a full season could remind the basketball world what Irving can do on the court, even at 30 years old, which could propel him to a longer tenure in Brooklyn or a more significant long-term commitment from another franchise than he received over the last few weeks. No matter what, it will be simultaneously fascinating and significant for both the league landscape and the future of the Brooklyn Nets.
Following a breakout season where Gary Payton II solidified himself as an NBA rotation player and stout on-ball defender, he’s expected to earn a sizable pay raise this offseason. Payton II is projected to earn $6-7 million annually, according to six NBA executives who spoke with HoopsHype. That figure would put him in range for the taxpayer mid-level exception for several teams across the league.