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Perez also told the commissioners that the Spurs’ recent equity sales in the franchise — which brought in Michael Dell, Sixth Street and Joe Gebbia as minority owners — actually increased the size of the Holt family’s ownership stake and its control of the franchise. Perez faced a persistent line of questioning from commissioners about the Spurs’ desire to stay in San Antonio. When asked by commissioner Rebeca Clay-Fores about the Spurs’ commitment to San Antonio, Perez responded: “Our commitment is we are staying in San Antonio” and reiterated Buford’s statement. County Judge Nelson W. Wolff was dismayed by the 3-2 vote splitting the court and still seemed dubious of what the Spurs’ long-term plans may be. “That’s not a good sign,” Wolff said. “It shows you that there’s a divided opinion in this community as to the intention of the Spurs and there’s a lot of concern about just what the heck you’re doing.”
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Since these bench decorum issues generally have been resolved after the league intervenes, technical fouls have not been used a deterrent, and the league does not plan to start issuing techs during the conference finals. However, the topic will be discussed in the offseason, and the league will explore ways to address bench decorum during games in real time, a person with knowledge of the situation told USA TODAY Sports.
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