Law Murray: When Bob Lanier retired in 1984, he was 11t…

Law Murray: When Bob Lanier retired in 1984, he was 11th in NBA history in points, 16th in rebounds, and 51st in assists. Just short of 20K points, 10K rebounds. But was one of four players at time of retirement with 19K points, 9K rebounds, 3K assists (Elgin, Wilt, Kareem)

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In all seriousness, Lanier is remembered as one of the greatest college players ever and a top NBA talent who averaged a double-double, appeared in eight All-Star games and was the No. 1 pick of the 1970 NBA draft. He had a bad knee, which likely cost him in terms of how he's talked about as a player by those who remember him and those who are too young. He was an enforcer and occasional fighter who used to smoke cigarettes at halftime.
Daryl Morey: RIP Bob Lanier who I saw play in the first NBA game I ever attended in Milwaukee. He was the only one who could wear out @Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - dragging him up and down the court for 48 minutes.
Eddie Johnson: This man educated as a young player and I never played on one of his teams. Not one time did he not give me advice when I encountered him. An amazing person. RIP mentor.
James Edwards III: A statement from Pistons owner Tom Gores on the passing of Bob Lanier
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July 4, 2022 | 5:27 am EDT Update

Lakers not aggressive in pursuit of Kyrie Irving

“The Lakers have yet, I’m told, to be aggressive in trying to put a deal together to get [Kyrie] from Brooklyn. That may come, that may evolve with time. But so far right now, there’s no traction really on deals with either Irving or Durant.” 🗣️ @wojespn

As one insider sympathetic to Durant noted, “Kyrie sabotaged everything,” but Durant is reacting more to the effects than the cause, and he now views the Nets as unsalvageable. “There’s no use in (him) taking sides when it’s all too far gone,” the person said. In essence, the Nets were right in principle, but wrong in practical terms, failing to understand that making Irving upset “was going to drive Kevin away.” It’s instructive to note that for all the chaos, all the havoc and all the stress, Durant still wants to play with Irving, according to league insiders.
The difference in the tax penalty — somewhere around $15 million extra in the immediate, a whole lot more throughout a longer-term deal — caused Lacob and the Warriors to balk. It stung several in the organization, per sources. They’d found Payton and grown to not only love the person but also understand the value of his unique skill set. It translated to winning. For the first time, they’d failed to retain one of their own due to an unwillingness to meet a financial demand.